SAS to train Civi Police

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by thefootman, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. I’ve heard a few rumours that the SAS will be (or have) started to train Civilian Police forces not just the Met. This is in response for a threat of a terrorist attack on the scale of the Mumbai attacks.

    Has anyone else heard of this and how real is the threat assessment to the U.K. on the scale of the Mumbai attacks.
  2. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    As far as I know our peelers are already proficiant with speed cameras makes you wonder what the SAS use them for
  3. Actually, as the permanent staff are all 'locals' (very much in the League of Gentleman sense) I fear that their writing skills are very much along the lines of "Peterboro Rools" or "Cambridge Scum" and so forth.
  4. The SAS already work with at least some elements of the armed police. I was part of a sports team with an armed officer from Avon & Somerset police and they use some kind of old hulk to train on down that way. Don't know about regular plods though.
  5. There was talk after the Mumbai attacks of setting up a form of 'Paramil' police force consisiting of soldiers and coppers to be based at Chelsea Barracks. The idea being that there are not enough Sabre Squadrons to go round should the shit really hit the fan Mumbai style.

    Like I said 'There was talk' LOL
  6. Looking forward to the tactical ticket writing lesson, will the tickets be have to made bigger for the application of the tactical crayon
  7. The Old Bill can't even drop a buckshee barrister nowadays without some lefty fuckstick calling for an in depth inquiry and wanting to wreck the career of a guy just out and about doing his job.

    And if a Mumbai-style attack did go down in the UK and the Old Bill turn up to deal with it? I would imagine most of them will have second thoughts about pulling the trigger instead of going in CQB-stylee & putting in to practice what they've spent day and weeks training for . They'd be more worried about what they would say in front of the inevitable murder trial jury instead of concentraing on their tasks.

    Let the mil sort it out and then pin the blame on Plod.

    Sure I've heard that somewhere before......
  8. As we are talking 7 police officers just breached into my house via the balcony and roof and retrieved the pen I stole from "The Happy Shoppers" lottery stand.
  9. I was chatting to a former police marksman the other day, an old boy from Northumbria police in the 70's and 80's

    They were getting training off of 'Them' back then, of course they were happy with .38 specials (quote: completely reliable, nothing to go wrong) and enfield rifles - no running round pretending they were super stormtroopers and pretending they *might* have to storm an aircraft one day!

    interesting discussion on Raoul Moat too, he felt that in the old days, the stand off would have been resolved, ahem, a bit quicker
  10. You're ******* right it would have. The hordes of media would have been dealt with fairly robustly and told to **** off and keep their noses out, whilst Plod got up close and personal with Moat and perforated him like a fookin' teabag.
  11. What have you done with the real lefty biased,sandal wearing,tofu knitting, peace loving,liberal Covert Monkey?
  12. Under the summerhouse along with the Brazilian electrician.
  13. Where is there a McDonalds with a balcony?