SAS to expand - Or BOHICA as its known(1)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Apr 26, 2009.

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    ...yadda yadda

    (1) BOHICA = Bend Over Here It Comes Again ie cuts
  2. Finally,a role for the Rock Apes?
  3. But this time the upside will be that the entire British Army will be rebranded as Special Forces - which should keep everybody happy as you'll all be 'THEM', the existing Special Forces will be known as Extras.

    This way the Govt can say that it has focused its attention on the Squaddies rather than BAE, you'll get a new cap badge, a SAS smock and a roll of black nasty each. And you'll be officially ally as fcuk!

    Obviously we won't have to keep all of those tedious wastefull Regimental structures outside of THE REGIMENT that is, but unlike all of the other times they have been got rid of you won't care because you'll be one of 'THEM'.

  4. Absolutely, they wont need any of those wasteful expensive selection courses, there wont be anywhere to slect people from, so that one initial training cycle that will not be required - go straight to Hereford.

    Save a fortune on armour we wont need. No need to hold ground, just go in, slot the baddies and home for tea and medals. Rinse, repeat.

    As you say, Genius. Frankly, I cant see why this hasn't been done before now.
  5. All well and good, but how will this affect 49 Para?
  6. 49 Para already are special forces and we already recruit from the SAS, so we will just have more people to select our recruits from.
  7. They'll probably force SAS/SBS to allow female recruits on Selection for a start. Then Gub'mint lawyers will conclude that the whole idea of "Selection" breaks the EHRA, and from now on anyone who wants to serve with with UK Special Forces MUST be allowed to do so. :roll:

    All joking aside, just when you think these fcuktards can't do any more damage to HM Forces than they already have, they somehow raise the bar... :x
  8. It's amazing, really, that this hasn't already happened. Considering how grossly discriminatory the selection process is, and how many people must have been emotionally damaged, psychologically injured and deeply offended by it, the fact that there isn't a long line of compensation claimants is a mystery to me. On the other hand, maybe the sort of people who apply aren't the sort who think that it's their "right" to pass.
  9. It's a load of b0llocks; how the fcuk can you "expand" Special Forces? Only one in ten passes Selection, and there are only so many recruits who can be tested at any one time. So the only way to "expand" SF is to lower the standards. Which would be a fcuking disastor. :roll:

    As previously stated: it's just dressing up more cuts in a way they hope will look better. :evil:
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Just wait for the compo claim when a wheelchair tips over on Pen-y-Fan...
  11. After the bloke in the wheelchair tried to sue MI5 for not giving him the Watcher job, anything's possible... 8O
  12. The article is talking about the expansion of special forces type capability. I would have thought the massive operational experience that the army is gaining at the moment would be achieving that without anybody doing anything else. If things don't work they are now shown not to work. An awful lot of people are being forced by pressure of circumstances to become very thoughtful, flexible and tough. If you had to guess who would be more effective in (say) a fighting patrol next week who would you pick - an infantry platoon who had done operational tours of Afghanistan and Iraq, or a special forces unit from the 1980's who had never heard a shot fired in anger?
  13. My bold.

    I know some wimmin who would probably walk the selection process. The trouble is they DON'T want to do it!

    Just like the majority of women don't want to be in the Infantry. Not that it matters to ZANU Labour what people want - if it doesn't tow the party line on the subject then you are labelled as racist, sexist and every other 'ist' they can think of. 8O

    This is just another way of 'cutting back the fat' of the Armed Forces. They're already down to the bone as it is - how much further can they possibly go? :x
  14. The 80's included the Falklands and a fair amount of nasty business in Northern Ireland. And, of course, there would have been jobs in other regions of the world that few outside of SF ever heard about.

    I venture to suggest that few Special Forces soldiers who served during that period "never heard a shot fired in anger." :roll:
  15. To the marrow. :evil:

    As for women in Special Forces - a DS in 23 told me that no matter what the Gub'mint or senior ranks want, NO woman will EVER pass Selection.

    He pointed out that Selection is run by SNCO's, and they do not want women to serve in the SAS/SBS(the SRR is a different matter, of course).

    As he put it: "We might have to put them on the Hills, but we don't have to pass them. Even if they make the times on the Hills, we'll fail them because they have muddy boots." :twisted:

    Granted, this was ten years ago, but I doubt too much has changed.