SAS Tattoo - Hardcore Walt?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by theheartbreakkid, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    While sculpting the guns at the gym yesterday evening, I noticed a chap (admittedly doing more strutting around that productive gym work) who was sporting an SAS "who dares wins" capbadge tattoo on his right shoulder.

    He looked about 30-35 so could possibly still be serving, but is getting a tattoo such as this the done thing by members/ex-members of "Them"? My immediate thought was "hardcore walt", surely they wouldn't have that tattoed on them!? However, I may be wrong; certainly wouldnt be the first time! Would just like to know out of curiousity really!

    Any thoughts/comments from those more knowledgeable than myself?!


  2. Sounds like a high order walt, who just likes the company of sweaty men in lycra
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  3. Wouldn't it be rather silly for a real member of "them" to get said tattoo. After all what if they are captured? It would be hard to keep your cover story if you have one of those tattoo's.
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  4. I have LUDO tattooed on my dick and on a good day it reads Llandudno. It has been known to spell Llantrisant , but only to people who are both myopic and dyslexic and then only in Wales.

    However, I am of course ex sss... sss... ssssshhhh (you know whom).
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  5. would've thought that would be the last thing one of them would get
    as a tatt.
  6. My point exactly... A kamikaze Blade perhaps!?
  7. I thought 'They' were scared of needles?
  8. I hope you siddled up to him in the changing rooms and in hushed tones told him that his secret was safe with you and if he wanted to sculpture his guns with you that'll be fine, you can get sweaty together?
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Tattoo is a bit wimpish - now if he had it branded on with a hot iron then he could probably get away with it.
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  10. I had the pleasure in interrogating some of THEM during a PH&TQ/R to I course many years ago. THEY were a mix of regular and TA THEM.

    One of THEM had para wings and the title 2 Para tatooed on his upper right arm. I can still recall the look of silent embarrassment on his face as the interrogators jumped on him...

    "Paratrooper then are we mate? Are you muckers paratroopers as well? Perhaps you are THEM eh?"

    "Get the rest of you clothes off you C*NT! Let's see if you've got your rank and name tatooed somewhere else..."

    Oh how we laughed....


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  11. Great cover though, "Of course I'm not "them", how could I be with this tattoo?"
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  12. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    No. It wouldn't be done. Doesn't really fit in the whole ethos thing doesnt it!
  13. maybe he uses it as part of a chat up line before having sweaty man sex?
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  14. Theres a doorman who works in Bolton/Manchester with a huge full colour SAS capbadge tattoed on his left forearm, I saw him first when I was getting some petrol and now see him everywhere. He pulled up in a battered old people carrier full of kids and a gopping wife. Every fucker knows him, Embassy, Falklands, Oman the works apparently.
    Didnt help him when he was torn to bits by a young lad whilst he was working at the Printworks just after last New Year.
    Fat cunt.
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  15. HHH

    HHH LE

    I have a tattoo that says "please don't hurt me" in 20 different languages!!
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