SAS Star Colonel Retires Over SDSR

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. And the books coming out when?
  2. Cynical much, Bernster?
  3. Its not jus the Officers who are fucked off with it all. How many non-Commissioned ranks are going to jump ship, as soon as they are able to. Why should people continue to serve a nation that not only puts them in harms way, but treats them and more importantly, their families like an inconvenience. The way both Individuals and Units move around, its important for children to have a steady education system in place, especially in the Secondary system. With the different Exam boards, its is only possible to maintain continuity in their education if they move to the region of the UK that is responsible for their previous school. Its not just about CEA its all the other things that have been cut. Yes we can argue that its tough shit, and that people in Britain have less than the military and get over it, but one of the main reasons why people join, is to get off the streets and into a system or family community that they don't have at home. And all the little things the military offer to go with it. Like it or not, alot of soldiers depend on the little perks, just to make staying in the military that little bit more attractive. "Yes i'm away in Afghanistan/Iraq for 6 months with 4 months build up training, but at least my wife/family have all these 'extras' make it easier".
    A prisoner who has no legal right to live in Britain can rape and kill someone, get sent down for their crimes, and be able to live better than some soldiers.
    The MOD spent 1.2million pounds of the Defence's money on art work for the corridors, they also spent 100,000 pounds on office chairs, 6 months after buying new office chairs!
    The Government needs to look inside itself to make savings before it starts cutting its own nations throat. History has a nasty way of repeating itself
  4. What he said!
  5. 'PapaGolf' sums it up.

    The half-cocked idiot Tom King - a Tory - started the slide; the 'slide' that has occasioned the destruction of Her Majesty's Armed Forces.

    Thirteen years of the Blair / Brown Terror so encouraged the 'slide' that the current so-called government only had to put the 'hundreds and thousands' on the coffin.

    The idiot, the goggle-eyed non-entity King - now 'Lord King inevitably a 'Lord' for a failed and useless politician - should be brought to book for his stewardship of 'Defence' in this Realm - brought to book; found guilty and publicly humiliated and then hung - in public.

    I am surprised that anyone is left in the Army - anyone at all.
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Well that's a four year gap in the eligibility for DSF then!
  7. I'm surprised if he retired over SDSR, SF are always relatively unscathed by such reviews.

    Did he have another reason?
  8. Met him on exercise, always had a cheroot and a brew in the other hand, prefer to talk to you as a human. One of the few ruperts I would trust and definately not one of the toxic leadership.
  9. Well said papagolf. If CEA goes will X factor get put up as surely we are losing (yet another) mitigating factor dealing with the negative impact that being in HM forces can have on your family.

    Between this and the 'done deal' over reducing our pensions, I'm assuming that there are a fair few of us feeling rather dissatisfied at the moment.
  10. I think you may have the wrong bloke.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    But back to the thread.

    I was wondering whether this had anything to do with it: 'He was recognised as having the potential to reach the rank of general when he arrived at Sandhurst where he was regarded as a "star" cadet officer and has held a series of fast-stream high level jobs within the Ministry of Defence'.

    Is it a case of burn-out?
  12. No I think he is correct, whenever I spoke with him he always came across as a "bonne ouef"

    I will concede that 1 or 2 officers I worked with may have disagreed.
  13. Or perhaps he just had a falling out with someone? Or wanted to spend more time with his family? Or earn more money by fleecing the Nation as a banker?

    Either way, claiming that he resigned over SDSR smacks a bit a amateur dramatics for the benefit of credibility on the 'Bob Stewart/Tim Collins' interview circuit.

    Anyway, I always thought that when the going got tough, leaders should stick the course and lead.
  14. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    He's no different to you & I in that he has pressures in and outside of work that will impact on his willingness to stick at it. I was told of an SAS OC who returned from a trip abroad and found a picture of his family, drawn by the youngest child, on the fridge door; he wasn't in the picture and resigned shortly afterwards. Although I have only met this unnamed Col once since, I was at RMAS with him and it was clear at the time he was a future general (no bluff). There are enough toxic leaders and political generals around - men of his calibre are vital to keep.