Its the walts who provide the demand for this, you can hardly blame some people for capitalizing on some of the d1ckheads out there.

I find it quite amusing that someone will probably pay alot of dosh for a manky pair of socks.


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wheelchairwarrier said:
damm where did I put those SAS condoms .... someone else can do the catchphrase about not seen coming . FFS what next ?

With this Gubment - it will probably BE the SAS on e-bay. (Only one careless owner - HMG) :pissedoff:
sas jockstrap ... doubles as a small bergen, gasmask, sling (medical), sling (weapon) and something to carry your todger in. Comes in HUGE, MAMMOTH and Andy McNabb sizes.

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Outstanding. I must get me sum o' them SAS socks dagnabbit...

Good grief...

Right. I have a couple of MFO boxes somewhere, lets see what I can dig up. SAS KFS; SAS poncho; SAS kip mat; SAS biscuits brown AB; socks!

I'm rich!


they look to me as being normal army socks, what a tw@tter. I've still got 3 pairs of them, I'll be rich hahahahahaaaaa :D
I've got some RAF Issue black ones....
I'll make a fortune...

Socks,Black.SAS.Assault troop.
As worn by Soldier 'Y' during the Iranian Embassy Assault....!!!

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