SAS smock

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by 8256Mick, May 1, 2012.

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  1. They've got a sense of humour, at least!
  2. "The battle of diamond jubilee" classic!
  3. Worth £60 then?
  4. Depends, man at Q&M gave me an MTP one like the Tantalus but with arm pockets etc so for me, no.

    If it would fit you and you want a DPM tantalus smock and have £60 to spare, go for it. As I don't know your disposable income and whether you want/need a smock I don't know.
  5. We've not been issued mtp looks like a good idea. Oh, and I guess that Gabradine is the same as the thin soft-to the touch material the old sas smocks were made of???
  6. Tmk, yes the gaberdine is the same. Send gearspotter a pm, he's up to speed on all issue kit.
  7. I've got one and it is a good smock. Its not cotton Gabardine its more like the cotton of the dpm smock we have now
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