"SAS smock" ??

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by KleenUpGuy, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. Seen this advertised in a few stockists, same as issue smock but with mesh lining, zips under arms and mesh bottom pockets. Anyone had any experience with these? All that mesh seems abbot flimsy so me...
  2. Anyone had any experience with it? It's a fucking smock! You wear it and that's about it.
  3. You need to sort out this kit fetish, seriously.

    Starting lots of threads in the QMs forum about bits of unnecessary kit for use in cadets is how people come to not like you. The standard of cadet issue nowadays is very high and when I was a cadet we had to buy our own kit because the standard of issue kit was not equal to soldiers (as it is now), it was whatever the unit could scrounge off the disposals bin at the local barracks. But we still had a good time and messed around a lot and when we left and joined the Army we all realised we took cadets way too seriously and had we saved the money from the gucci assault vests and gore-tex boots we could have bought lots of beer and pizzas. And to be honest, cadets is just about having a good time and developing yourself as a person, the military element is just a vehicle to get you there. You needn't worry about wearing the best kit on the market, it won't make you any better at what you do. The issue smocks are absolutely fine, stick with it. I had some under-arm zips added to mine but I only really use them on CFTs.

    This isn't a kit answer. This is just a life answer. Save the money, there will be a time when you need it. And get over the kit fetish, it doesn't matter in cadets as long as you aren't cold, wet and miserable it's all good. Put the cash in the bank, it's the best place for it.
  4. I had an experience with a Trooper in an SAS smock once, but I don't like to talk about it.
  5. Sorry, I had a soft moment and decided to give the kid a fatherly answer.

    My initial reaction was much the same as yours. You put your arms down the tubey things, you stick the straight bit of the zip in the block bit of the zip, pull the string until it's tight around your neck, and woopee ******* doo as if by magic you're wearing a smock.
  6. Fit the smock to your body. If you want to avoid looking pregnant or simply bigger than you are, you need to give the smock some shape. Some smocks feature ties in the back that you can adjust to your size. You don't want the smock to be skin-tight, but it should still show off your curves. Alternatively, you can wrap a belt around the smock to define your waist.

    Choose a flattering print. A busy pattern can make you look much larger than you are. Stick with simple patterns or solid colors to look your best.
  7. I wasn't planning on buying one... I just wondered if anyone actually saw them as better or a pile of crap with an SAS label stuck to it. Though I'd just mention we still have to buy our own kit, it's only this last year that 95 kit was on issue, my issue kit consistent of beret, OG trousers and shirt, working belt and brazzard. Yes I'm a bit of a kit whore but hey... I still love sex drugs and sausage rolls xD
  8. Last post was deleted?? It is issued, some RAF station clothing stores can get hold of them, also (RAF Benson have them).
  9. then your QM has been holding it up because full CS95 has been on issue to cadets for ******* donkeys years.

    As for the 'SAS' label, the current issue smock was called an SAS smock until they started issuing it to everybody. Historically, the 'SAS Smock' is just the smock that's 1-better than what's on issue. They'll be issuing those things soon and they'll have to invent something else to be the SAS smock. It's just like that.

    Do you get laid much? We had a complete kit tart in my detachment and once he got a girlfriend and a fuckbuddy, he sorted it out.
  10. Im a stab I got issued 1 old 95 smock 7 years ago. Kleenupguy is a cadet
  11. The reason alot of our kit is older than what on issue is that whenever the army cuts the money goes to where it is needed, or course I have no problem with this, it just meens what you get issued is often luck of the draw.
    Thanks for all the answers, it seems it supposedly one up from the 95 system, and therefore on issue now.
  12. Incorrect.

    Every cadet is scaled for a full set of 95 except boots. Not the most knowledgeable person on the ACF but I do know that much. The problem is not so much 'the money going where it's needed', it's more the fact that ACF QMs are notorious ********* and stockpile kit incase World War III begins and they have to mobilise the ACF, because that's easier than the paper trail of issuing it. So they just tell the detachment commanders they are 'still waiting for it and it takes a long time to come through especially during budget cuts'.