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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by loski, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Hi Im sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place Im looking to make a sewing pattern for a SAS (artic) Windproof smock with sewn buttons and hood as i have recently aquired some gaberdind and want to make a smock Has any one got a knackered smock going spare I dont mind if its full of holes as long as I can get a pattern from it Ta
  2. As it happens (!) I've got a genuine ex-22 SAS one in shocking order. Was worn in the South Atlantic argument largely behind other persons' lines where there were no cleaning or clothes repair services, and later in NI, and also Africa. It is in extremely holey (this spelling because we are talking about wear and tear!) condition because it became the trooper's lucky jacket and he wore it, pardon the next expression, to death! However, it was washed before storage. My intention was to put it on Ebay as the place is full of wealthy nerds who like the genuine article. I could probably be seduced into flogging it here if all the offered moola was going to either Holidays for Heroes, or Help for Heroes, all via AARSE (providing they agree to be part of the postal service.)

    If you want to deal, please make serious offers as the mentioned charities are in sore need of loot. This jacket is so rare, I only have one of them!

    Note to the 'guvs' of ARRSE. You guys willing to assist?
  3. What were you thinking of as a donation to H4H
  4. This bit of kit has so much history I'm not sure that I am completely happy with the idea of it meeting the kind of fate (dismemberment) that many people whom it encountered would have liked to happen to it when it was occupied! I am kind of hopeful that thousands of would-be purchasers will sweep out of the woodwork and rescue it for posterity. This is the real stuff, man. You could fold it into a pillow and sleep on it and the dreams it would bring you would be worth a hundred thousand vivid viewings of 'Pirates the wherever'. The thought of it threatened by a pair of nasty scissors and a razor blade send sharp shivers down my spine.

    Let me ask our readers what they all think you should cough up for this piece of British history and victory.
  5. Quick response to the telepathic message just received from Corporal Ernie Jenkins, serving somewhere near Aldershot. 'Yes Ernie, the jacket has got ghosts, but they are mainly friendly.'
  6. Wasn't that jacket one of the advisers for the scene in Whoops Apocalypse where the SAS storms Madame Tussaud's? If so, happy memories...
  7. Damn and dash old man! You spotted it. So did 'Seagull 42' who apposdulates at times on these pages.
  8. So the lithium's not really doing it for you then?
    Its a ratty old smock, not some talismanic artifact.
  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    but it could be rebuilt and lovingly restored to its former glory. like triggers brush its buttons can live on.

    as it is, beyond the sentimental value to someone its only worth 50p a kilo dryweight.
  10. True, it is a ratty old smock, but if it can earn a few bob for a military charity, its a bit more than that....unless, of course, you're a heartless uncaring shithouse. And there's certainly no-one here that that could be applied to. So, if we can squeeze a bit out of our Russian friend, who probably really wants the jacket so he can infiltrate the MOD, then let's do it.
  11. I was convinced there was Wah value here; perhaps waiting for a Walt to offer a small fortune. Earlier this year I gave away the smock I bought from Silvermans in 1986. It had been under fire several times, but only doing Stage 4 and 5 live firing. Several tours but never a shot fired in anger. Copper wire in the hood long since removed. Tape across buttons replaced several times. I'm sure it was even present for a knee trembler when part of UNPROFOR.
    Plenty of miles, plenty of memories. Should have bigged it up - made a fortune (perhaps).
  12. Are you insane? Just buy one.
  13. No wah and as to buying one A the fabric is P68 coulors and it was free and B it will be cheaper for me to make it. And I think I got it sorted.
  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    same pattern so you could buy a polycotton one then sell it on afterwards
  15. That is a nonstarter as I have to pull it apart to make the cut pattern and a rebuild smock probaly wouldnt sell