SAS Signals Walt kicked out of ACF.

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Airfix, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. Had a very interesting chat with a friend about a guy kicked out of a southern English ACF for being a Walt.

    The story goes that this guy had been bullsh!ting everyone and his dog that he was ex 264 and went on to do the comms side of things with 21 as a stab before going NRPS on a Bde training team (based in Aldershot) before taking up an NRPS role at Blandford in the rank of WO2. This had been going on for several years before someone new bothered to check and got him into an interview without coffee and sent off without his cadet ID and hut keys!

    So, the question to anyone in those areas did you ever have a large waisted bod who was also in the ACF in your ranks who went by the name of a famous Crossroads character? or is they guy a walt?
  2. wow

    lost his cadet ID and hut keys!

    shit me :p :D
  3. And his teeny bopper walting audience, don't forget that!
  4. Now that is dangerous, a walt with an IQ. Not walting it up as a blade but as 264! As most have never heard of the unit they would normally get away with it, not so if they walted the main unit.

    If that carried on it would be hardier to spot the little fekers.
  5. hardcore man, fcking hardcore :p
  6. The bod I was talking to, ex reg, and a sharp one too, thought he was the real deal as Walter knew a thing or too and could name a few faces at 21 that he knew too but was sus on the NRPS thing and the fact he started telling kids he was now a Yeoman of Signals (now that's walting!).
  7. Knowing that sort of info means he has conections, either ex-reg who served but did not pass the course or brother has etc. A simple walt would not know that kind of info.
  8. I met a bloke once who claimed to have managed an IT contract for BOX.

    Surely you wouldn't make that up?

  9. Was he ACF?
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    But I never said that did I? ;) :lol:
  11. So he was a big fat biffer this walt then?
  12. Well, if the crossroad connection doesn't give you his name, you're either far too young or don't know him!
  13. No ... PC World
  14. They take all sorts of short-term contracts these days. Doddle.
  15. Only 1 named after the cap wearer blokey and I very much doubt he would have joined the ACF, also he would not have walted as a YofS as he was originally the other half.