SAS Sgts Mess Bottles!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Praetorian, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. :omfg:
    It looks to me like some twit has made his own labels.

    What next ffs, an SAS toasted sandwich maker or a bottle of water filled from an SAS tap?

    Hmm I've got an idea! :rambo:
  2. Obviously a later edition model judging from the label. There are earlier 'editions' of 'labels' if that's something to go by. The wine is utterly utterly RAF. Merlot my arrse!!!
  3. What about SAS Condom Wrappers?
  4. Who Dares Drink?
  5. Well, look at his other items!

    REME Mess dress, Sgt or SSgt cant quite tell......

    Bracelet with "Paul" on it

    Ebay name is Robbo698

    You could put that lot together and come up with someone!!
  6. I can state they are genuine and sold through the PRI system at H and other affiliated establishments. I have one myself, and no I am not a walt.
    As to the taste, lord knows mine is still sealed and will probably remain that way. If memory serves me correctly I think there was also a bottle of Port labelled as well. With the medals, and smock going on E bay at the moment under the non patterned name of SAS somebody could make a small fortune.
  7. Probably see another NBC jacket up there soon.

  8. Don't forget the whiskey!!! Utter shoite taste
  9. At least this is a genuine item, unlike the cnuts selling NBC suits and fake medals, the cheating lying cnuts.
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Pretty sure that somewhere down the the bowels of ARRSE we have seen these being sold before.
  11. I raise you with Officers Mess

  12. Ive got a full bottle at home, my mate said to to me "For fcuks sake, dont put it on ebay!" Think "Them" have been warned.
  13. I wonder if it taste better than The Grenadier Sarnts mess wine... which was shocking!
  14. I got a full bottle of Salamanca - perhaps I should put that on E-Bay.

    Hey Gizmodnd - got any spare bottles of Salamanca - call it SASamanca and you'll get a fortune - LOL.