SAS Selection Joke

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by soldier95, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Thought i would post this joke i got told it in the NAAFI last weekend.

    An englishman, irishman and scottishman were going through SAS selection, they all had reached the end of selection and had one final test to perform.

    So the test began, and the DS said to the Englishman, right go into that room and you will find your wife tied to a chair and a weapon on the floor, i want you to shoot her, so the English man goes into the room and sure enough, a few moments later you hear a couple of shots and he comes out and the DS say well done you have passed the test!

    Next the DS say the same to the scottishman, your wife is in there tied to a chair, theres a weapon on the floor now shoot her, so in he goes, a couple of shots later and out he comes, and the DS say well done you have passed!

    Next the irishman comes along and the DS say the same, you wife is in there tied to a chair, theres a weapon on the floor, now go in there and shoot her, so in her goes and off go a few shots, and then a few more, next the DS hear a struggle and a little scream and the DS are wondering whats going on, the door opens and the DS say what happend?!

    The irishman stands there for a second to catch his breath and replies "some tw@t put blanks in the weapon so i strangled the b1tch to death!!
  2. Yawn..................

    If you search the joke section been done 3 million times before.
  3. doh! sorry i didnt realise :oops: