SAS / RUC " Brothers in Arms" ???????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Now when did the RUC (GC) & the SAS become " Brothers in Arms"!!!!

    Is the SAS Crest MOD Approved??

    eBay item : 120054182250

  2. Where has that come from? Is it from ebay by any chance?
  3. Yep!!!
  4. I think thats a fair bet being as it says ebay item: blahblahblah :roll:
  5. Fair one mate! I didn't notice that bit :?
  6. All a bit confusing he's selling a set of six, which look like two sets of three differing colours to me, stating that only 45 sets were produced. At the same time he is selling the same pin singly.

    All he sells are pins could it be that he also produces them?
  7. I'd bet you 10 pints the MOD never approved this!
  8. they look shite, cheap and tacky. Walt standard issue?
  9. How about one with the guards crest and the paras?
    any other unlikely suggestions?
    RM and paras?
    RAF and submariners perhaps?
  10. Cannot beleive somebody has actually bid £12 !!!
  11. not the first waltish badge to come from n.i , looks like something a member of the uda would wear on an orange day parade, while singing the Ballard Of The Green Berets LOL ,LOL :D 8) :D
  12. Orange Day? :?
  13. LOL ........

    Think they would sell like hotcakes at a Green Day Parade, bought by the Irish Liberation of Lepracauns society.... but only when September ends!!! (I'll get my coat!)
  14. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    I've just emailed the vendor, asking for a slightly fuller history of these badges . . .

    I have promised my family not to hold my breath while I wait for a reply.
  15. That cnut from Donagahdee has been selling scheiBe like that for a while now, Seige of Drumcree tat etc