SAS reservists withdrawn from Afghan front line

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by No_Duff, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. Linky

    If 21 & 23 are guarding the FCO chaps and chapettes in Kabul whats happened to the RMP CP teams that I assumed were guarding them ?

    Not a good time to raise the subject of the eternal infighting between between 22 and the TA SAS to be made public ?
  2. This could save a few more sheckles for DSF to be re-directed. What if they were re-roled as a Parachute Regiment type unit and not SF, they could then carry out conventional tasking in theatre as GREEN/field Army troops. This would leave there allocated budget as SF to fall to the Regulars or support elements within SF community.
  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Members of 21 did 'badge' as 2 Para during Telic and deployed as IRs to that battalion and not 'in role'. One of them told me that it was a way for them to deploy and get battle experience, and that they were effectively Paras for the duration. No doubt they reverted to the SAS on demobilisation. I guess the same thing can/does happen now?
  4. Why not just have them serve in the Brigade Recce Force?
  5. Or re-roll as a Reserve element to SFSG?
  6. Not the first time that idea has been put forward on ARRSE, and it has merit. But it might meet with resistance from 21/23 who could see a re-rolement as a loss of "status".

    Regarding RMP Close Protection Teams, there was a thread in the relevant Forum which discussed the over-stretch these units were experiancing. One RMP soldier said the idea of raising a TA RMP Close Protection Unit had been seriously considered, the situation was so bad... 8O
  7. IIRC, RMP CP teams only look after the Ambo and Dep Ambo really... The rest of the Dips are looked after by whatever current PSC is contracted to look after them... Unless things have changed.. not that we've heard about it on the PSC grapevine...
  8. Because other parts of the TA have already got that role stitched up?
  9. Isn't the problem with units like 21 and 23 SAS that they're not experienced enough for DSF and higher commands to actually trust them with the jobs that they're supposedly trained for; but that they're too good to disband or re-role them? Their lingering status might be a result of a lack of deployment in their actual role, deployments they don't get because they haven't deployed enough... a Catch 22? (Pun intended.)

    Or maybe we don't know enough about actual deployments by 21 or 23?
  10. A lad I spoke to from 23 mentioned they do get tours training up other countries SF/Commado/Police Tactical units for a few months due to the intensity of enduring ops that 22/SB have been under they can't release the man power.

    Of course we're unlikely to know the full picture and quite rightly.
  11. What happens when the next conflict rolls around, or perhaps an unpredictable war, e.g. Iran breaks out, suddenly we need more SAS operatives, and have to call on the reserves. oh wait, whoops, we cut them back when we wanted some money.

    That said, I can, rather frustratingly, see both sides of the argument. Special Forces is a very specialised role, that requires heaps of training. And I'm lucky enough to have access to someone who served in 21 for 8 years, who will openly say, 22 were better. not because they were stronger people, but because they were training day-in day-out.

    I can understand why the DFS wouldn't be inclined to call on the TA SAS to reliably complete the same roles as 22, but surely this means, rather than refusing to work with them, perhaps call for more training? An extra weekend a week? This isn't great for the members, but if you want to be in the SAS it has to come first. (However, its all well and good for me to say that, I've no idea what they currently do).

    Or perhaps integrating TA SAS with 22 SAS on their pre deployment training, and tours.

    I may very well be wrong, but from what I've been able to ascertain 21 and 23 do separate tours, their own tours effectively. Perhaps integrating them into 22 tours, and therefore training with the regs on pre-deployment would increase 22 tour numbers, and also improve the quality of the TA SAS operatives on the whole, as they will always be learning from 22.

    This would then enable 21 and 23 to be further trusted to be able to operate on their own in the future if the need arises.

    The argument would then lie on the selection process. Though I've been informed that the TA selection has long been very similar to regular selection. And was only 'easier' around the 50's 60's.

    However, the suggestion I've made (to anyone who wants to listen) may well be what is already happening. :?
  12. I have no first hand experiance after 2000. Back then, it was roughly the same Selection but spread over a much longer period; the Hills Phase was spread over six months followed by Test Week alongside the Regulars(of course, I didn't get that far :oops: ).

    SBS(R) recruits do the whole of Hills alongside the Regulars, which means Selection for them is over in one month. However, one would need a very understanding employer/family to get away with that. 8O

    I also notice in the Times article that one of the future roles suggested is that 21/23 act in a support role for the Intelligence and Security Services.
  13. The times for the TABS are different for Regs and TA (TA cover 3km, Regs 4kms per hour). TA do not do ATAP Hurdle in the jungle (turns boys to men by all accounts).
  14. Fair point about the jungle training, but I thought it was 4kph for all recruits, TA or Reg.
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