SAS rescue team gave Kembers kidnappers time to flee

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, May 5, 2006.

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  1. SAS rescue team gave Kember's kidnappers time to flee,,7374-2165680,00.html
  2. A senior Western diplomatic source said: “The ultimatum was passed through an intermediary. It was a calculated risk

    You gotta have balls of steel to negotiate that one.
    Fair play to them it would have been a PR disaster if Mr Kember had been slotted. The red tops would have had a field day.
  3. So much easier to deal with common money orientated criminals than lunatic fundamentalists willing to die for Allah
  4. In the case of our government, I suppose they were more comfortable dealing with their own kind...
  5. "Hello?"

    "Hi, is that Mustafa Crap? This is the british hostage rescue team. Just thought you would like to know. We know who you are, your brother Beenfora et al, and where you are with the hostages. We'll be sending round, say, a squadron of blades and assorted attached bods to pick them up. Is that ok with yourselves? Say in about a quarter of an hour or so?"


    "Fantastic! See you then. Tata."

    Well why not?
  6. I believe they sent a VHS video recorder round with a copy of Who dares wins
  7. And they still fled?
  8. Have you seen the acting in that film?
  9. Nope they wondered off to find someone with a genny to watch it...
  10. Alright alright, Ultimate force then
  11. Ultimate Farce?
  12. I suppose the thought of Grant/Henno comming through your back door to "sort it" would be enough to make any hardened terrorist run
  13. 8O 8O or anyone for that matter!

    On a serious note, I bow to the tri-balled team who calculated the risk of negotiating with the unpredictable kidnappers, executed it and it paying off. I have yet to feel anything but contempt for Kember's foolishness though.
  14. "BRITISH officials allowed the kidnappers of the peace activist Norman Kember to escape because the district was short enough of Policemen as it is"

    Hostage rescued , no one died. Result.
  15. Quite a display of calculated risk and cool reserve. A lesson I believe, that should be adopted by our American Cousins.