SAS reducing its workforce by 40%

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. And no black nasty is sight
  2. I didnt fall for it honest :x
  3. I had the bus fired up and ready to go right there :oops:
  4. I bloody fell for it. It's not until I re-read the title . .

    I should have noted it never said "Them being reduced by 40%"

    Doh! I'm so bloody gullible :x
  5. If THEM were reduced by 40%, would that make them THE ................ got my coat on already.
  6. Actually (pedant mode on), you get "THE" if you reduce "THEM" by 25%.

    If you reduce "THEM" by 40% you are more likely to get "THI" (the last letter being "E" with the horizontals chopped off). (/pedant)
  7. Dread- You're wasted on here.

    Here's something on the link you might like, although it might not be to your taste:A life!
  8. Does he have a wife? I'll pay £3.50
  9. Surely if you reduce THEM by 40% they would average 5' 5" -ish in height :scratch:

    ... taxi!
  10. Wrong, reduce a member of Them by 40% you get somewhere near Chuck Norris.
  11. a_j, you cnut! I bit up to the point where the Beeb page came on!
  12. Aaagh! It's good to know that others were taken in by the title too. Makes me feel less of a throbber, for what that's worth. :D :D :D

  13. 40%, that would mean there would only be 60 million members left!
  14. The mottoe would sound more like a Kenyan Army password challenge, "WHO DARE"

    Okay, I know.... Taxi! :oops: