SAS recruitment crisis

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Poppy, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. I wear tights I could apply
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  2. Not so much overstretch but the fact that one time the only way to see any action was to join the SAS. Not really the case nowadays with current ops. Obviously units being on ops or training for ops and stopping anyone applying for 22 doesn't help either. One of my muckers was on the course and was pulled off it for Herrick 13.
  3. its being talked about on bbc news 24 now, chap called Robin Horsfall ex SAS blames the shrinking manpower pool of the army aswell as the reasons Fallschirmjager mentioned, all solid reasons i guess.
  4. Could it be they have too much competition that people who may have gone SAS have chosen/been accepted by SSR or SFSG or something else etc .People who may have passed selection have found their happy place where they are special enough and are enjoying their lot?
    Not saying they are lesser units just different expectations and therefore maybe less fear of failure perhaps. The SAS have a reputation for being supermen etc etc that could be an issue which they are trying to dispel.
    The regular deployment issue is more prevelent now more than ever as well of course!

  5. The problem that 22 have always had with recruitment, IMO, is the standards.

    I applied for selection once, and I was doing really well until the 1st phys session. It nearly killed me! If they binned all the phys from the course, then they'd get far more people applying, and the pass rate would be higher! It would also take a 3rd of the time off the selection process. Win win!

    Mark my words! They're just too fussy!
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  6. ha ha - and maybe they should let women in................
  7. Now you're just being ridiculous! Actually, the FFL used to have their own brothels travel around with them, so perhaps there's a point?
  8. Or older, more mature blokes who would be willing to paint their Zimmer frames in a desert camouflage pattern. (Henno, if you're reading this, MoD should still have my telex number).
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  9. The 'Fear of Failure' issue is real enough, and the main reason why I never tried. Admittedly I would almost certainly have failed, but I have known other, much better, people who took other avenues because of that factor.

    I have known a few people in that community over the years, one of them a very good friend, and they were constantly away even before the recent rash of ops. Nowadays I imagine they are never at home, and life consists entirely of op tour, followed by op tour, followed by training for op tour. Maybe great for a few years, but not for 15 or so.

    Please bear in mind I could just be talking complete horseshit as I have never been in SF, and my seat on the sidelines means I only have a fraction of the full picture.
  10. If such people are "born not made" then shrinking the base of the pyramid is always going to give you a problem.
  11. They're not gods. They're blokes that met the required fitness standards and are switched on. Well, most of 'em anyway.
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  12. would be interesting to know if the Americans or any other NATO army is having the same problem, American tours are much longer although of course their manpower pool is vastly greater than ours.
  13. I'm not saying they are. However, the required fitness standards are necessarily high and being switched on is subject to many factors. I suspect effective methods could be devised to improve candidates performance in both of these areas but I'm pretty sure that it would meet strong resistance. If its culturally unnacceptable to lengthen training to improve pass rates then they are effectively "born not made".