Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hookscarabina, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. I would advise to steer well clear of that site. It is run by none other than Blondebint of Arrse infamy.
    Anyone interested in TA SF should contact thier local unit or speak to someone whos done it.

    (No doubt she will use this post as further evidence against me and will be onto her solicitor first thing in the morning).
  2. You no likey?
  3. I've read those Arrsepedia links.....I still don't know who Blondebint is and what she has done to be hated?

    I'm slow me, someone sum up in no more than one sentence.
  4. Im staying out of this! Wouldnt want to be accused (yet again) of clouding the judgement of an entire readership of one website against this loverly person. I'm sure there are a couple of people on here who can give you an unbiased and fair assessment of her.
  5. Would that truely be in the spirit of ARRSE? :lol:

  6. Couldn't be arsed to read all of it, but I get the idea. I didn't know who ran the site or anything, just thought it may be of interest so some folk. Delete this topic if you so desire.
  7. I'm sure this thread may pan out to something interesting. :wink:
  8. Nutty female made nasty bad by big boys didn't happen went nuts everybody laughed can't take it go boohoo telling god he's not listening got to get revenge if i can't have him nobody can it's all soooooo unfair let me at him powder blue so my colour who are you bad fairy princess what but it's my trainset oh dear that's torn it and you think i'm mad!

    Does that help?

    Beebs :)
  9. Okey Dokey, let it roll........
  10. Oh my dog, what have I started here!! Wish I hadn't bothered now. Can you give me her contact details, I think I'd like to take this girl on a date - she sounds a hoot.
  11. Don't you wonder would Frank Sinatra have been famous if he'd been a scouser? Trying singing......

    'Fly me to the moon
    And let me play amongst the stars
    Let me know what spring is like
    On Jupiter and Mars' a Liverpool accent......

    Beebs x

    I know, I just wanted to get the BB bandwagon rolling :D I am not bored!-ish.....
  12. Helps as much as a kick in the balls.

    I assume......this "blondebint" character is a genuine grade a fruit loop?
  13. Flash you have my deepest sympathy