Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by syncmaster, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. A question for some of you on here that have done SAS(R) Selection.

    What is it really like, fitness wise etc.? I do a lot of hill walking but do not like the running side of fitness. I can walk for hours in the hills with weight on my back and find it quite enjoyable, however, I find running very boring. What is the main type of fitness that is required during Selection>

    I'd be intersted to here from people who have experienced Selection, but please no walts who once knew someones 2nd cousins nexdoor neighbour who attempted it 10 years ago!

  2. There's weight and then there's weight!
  3. If you do not like running why ask????? Anybody can walk and walk and walk over hills with alittle weight. I suggest, if you want to attempt the course, to start very much like running....alot.
  4. The reason I find running boring is, that by going on the same routes all the time and eventually getting to know that route untill your bored with it. I've done several marathons in the past so am reasonably fit, just got into hill walking a few years ago and gave up the running because I find the hill walking a lot more enjoyable than running.

    I know the weight and distances that are required to be carried during selection, I just wanted some honest opinions on the type of fitness reuired, not some negative one line comments.
  5. You seem to think that running and carrying weight are two seperate disciplines. I am afraid you are much mistaken.

    Running marathon distance shows that you have stamina, now please go the same distance with 50 or 60lbs on your back. You dont have to run ALL the way but expect to pick up the pace quite often.

    Please do not think I am being sarcastic, just realistic and probably a little conservative.
  6. Oh FFS!

    Doesn't anyone feel that SAS (R) questions are a little bit 'WALTish'?

    If you have a genuine query regarding the selection process then have a chat with the guys in the unit that have done it... not on here (it just smacks of 'Hey look at me... I'm doing SAS(R) selection!'. Usually the SAS guys are OK to talk to and get advise from...

    By the way... I have my MOSSAD interview next week... any tips from the collective?

  7. You'll have to make sure the 'tip' is removed - if you get my drift! OUCH!
  8. Syncmaster, seems your getting the replies that you didn't want on this post. Lads if you haven't got anything constructive to say don't bother posting, he's only asked a simple question regarding the fitness.

    From what I know carrying the weight on your back in the hills is the main part of selection, and if you have been hill walking for the last few years carrying a reasonable amount of weight on your back you should be OK. You will need running fitness for selection, but not superhuman fitness, not much running is done on selection in comparison to tabbing.

    What kind of distances and weight are you carrying on your hill walks?

    So lads give the guy a break, would you give him the same reply if he asked the same question to his face, I doubt it.
  9. Wrong! He'd probably get even more abuse! For a useful comparison, it would be like enquiring about joining the RSPCA if you don't like pets.
  10. Do a search, this one was discussed about a month ago quite comprehensively on this forum.
  11. Weight carrying (55lbs as STANDARD load), at reasonably fast cross country speed with the ability to increase speed when the inevitable "shit I'm knackered" gross map reading error occurs. Walking for hours in the hills is one way of looking at selection but it is like describing cross channel swimming as a nice little dip from Dover beach. Upper body strength is always a revelation and strength to weight ratio can always do with a boost. Hope that is helpful and you get what you want out of the experience.
  12. My next door neighbours cousin told me the following....

    clean fatigue run, ie, normal phys rig, 8 miles in <56min, is a standard entry test, followed by a variation of a BCFT, 8 miles over (very)undulating terrain, in <1h40.

    the biggest difference is that it is all done as individual best effort, not as a squad.

    these are entry level tests, the rest is progressive.

    but, this was all about 10 yrs ago.

  13. Surely if you know the weight and speed needed then you know about the fitness requirments? do you have any previous mil experiance ? because even though they except civilians the learning curve is horrendous so few pass,
    its better to get a cpl of years with a good infantry reg (para rmr black mafia etc) then apply.
    Civvy hill fitness and regiment hill fitness are sooooooooooo far removed from each other its unreal, you may be able to walk for hours in the hills with weight on your back but can you do it while is pissing with rain on virtualy no sleep and no real idea of how far your going or where the next leg is ? think about it,
    The other reason for joining another unit first is how can you be sure you enjoy military life so many people dont they cant hack the hardship ,cold,wet,piss food,discopline(which there is in SF units too regardless of what the books would have you believe) constipation from rat packs and sgts with bad breath screaming in there face i personaly find it quite mittish for civies to just go for selection they seem to think its all mcnab gucci sunglasses and sangria whilst looking hard your a soldier first and a soldier like a house needs solid foundations
  14. Gemil is right know 2 blokes from our unit one is now badged other is doing selection both had put several years in and had done
    junior breacon found it very hard . It could be done but its a big commitent in time if nothing else .Cover 4 miles in less than an hour
    with 25kg on your back was that fun ? if so think about applying that is the easiest physical thing they do though heavy weights long distances . Though did here a recruiter for the regiment say "anyone who can pass tacft will have few dramas on selection" I don't think even he believed that :lol:
  15. Thanks guys for some the sensible replies, others why bother posting, I asked a simple question and get slagged off by people who don't even know me or what my background is.

    Being ex reg RE I've known a few lads who have gone 22 and passed, others who have failed but never got the true picture of what Selection was really like. The reason I asked about SAS(R) was that I just wanted to know what the physical side was really like, how much different it would be from 22, and yes I have spoken to my local squadron at 21 and asked about fitness etc.

    In the past I could have gone for Selection with 22 but had no interest at the time and decided to leave the Army, I was fit enough because I have done the Fan Dance and Endurance with some lads who had done Selection within the time limits, but this was over 8 years ago, and I know that Selection has changed a hell of a lot within the last few years.

    Yes I am fit enough to do the 8 miler, and CFT on W/E 1, but just wanted to know from lads that had attempted Selection with the TA, how much running is involved during Selection.

    And the chap that listed the first few tests for Selection, your way out mate, your just the type of person I didn't want replying to my post.