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SAS (R) to be disbanded?

I have just read on a forum board a couple of posts regarding 21 & 23 SAS....apparently they are to be disbanded due to SFSG providing "quality" soldiers in support of 22....that 22 and the SPSG are unimpressed with them nor do they particulary "like" them!

From the general gist the posts seem to imply 21 & 23 roles are redundant. ( I thought they had their own specific role not just to provide 22 with support?)

I have heard nothing of this but have just started the ball rolling, so to speak and am obviously a wee bit concerned.

The author seems to come from 4 Para....can anyone shed any light?
21 and 23 are SAS(V) and as such are independent units that provide troops for ops as formed patrols/squadrons etc and usually operate entirely separate from the "Desmonds" (22) whom they dispise as arrogant tossers. SAS(R) provide backfill troops for the regular regiment.
or so my mayte "Chopper" tells me, he was first through the window at the iranian embassy don't you know? and he led the team that infiltratedthe white house and replaced the president with a shaved chimp.

Mr Happy

I read the ManFat website posts, have to say, the obvious loc for 21 lads is the HAC - given they both perform the ISTAR role, with whom there is already a relationship of sorts. Sounds to me like TA Para Capt is just wishful thinking.

Also not too impressed by lads confusing R with 21 and 23, seeing as R is nearly all ex-22 lads anyway... Hardly demonstrates omniscient knowledge does it...

Bit of upgrading, learning some additional skills and working hard and those disbanded Might just be able to re-badge to 49 para.

Subject to them reaching their stringent criteria
So what is correct?

I'm confused. SAS(V) is now SAS(R)? What did the old SAS(R) become? And is it the old SAS(R) or the new SAS(R) which is being disbanded? Or both? Or neither? Or all of us? Or just me? And who's that guy with the knife? And, so, Rachel was seeing Ross but then they were on a break, right? No? Argh!
Haven't you heard - 49 Para is also to disbanded and amalgamated with the Legion of Frontiersmen as the Worldwide Airsoft Legion Training Society based in the repainted boathouse at Hereford....

....Oh never mind.

Mr Happy

Private_Pike said:
otter said:
Sorry bout that....new to posting etiquette! :oops:


Here you are!

Must admit that having browsed on manfat have found it to be heavily infiltrated by Walts. The one post that really put me off was a thread alleging that Col H Jones VC had been shot in the back by his own men for fear that he would get them killed or some such libellous trash.
I heard that in 1982, nothing new there. H still got his poor rad-op killed though didn't he....
Blyth_spirit said:
Haven't you heard - 49 Para is also to disbanded and amalgamated with the Legion of Frontiersmen as the Worldwide Airsoft Legion Training Society based in the repainted boathouse at Hereford....

....Oh never mind.
Yep It will be a sad day when SAS (R) & (V) and 49 Para are disbanded and all we have left to show for it are the WALTS.
May be a SRR TA would be better if they aren't much use to 22? Or do what SBS(R) do, which is train individuals for filling slots in the regs.

Mr Happy

From friendly fellah:

DSF is expected to make a decision soon concerning the future of 21 and 23 SAS(R), with one option considered being reroling 21 and 23 to 4 Para. It is however only one option.

If taken this would increase 4 Para locations to 13 (possibly) and provide extra-manpower to 2 & 3 Para for deployments. Reasons given were the limited in role deployments of 21 & 23 (I presume now the Russians aren't coming), and the new SFSG providing support for UKSF.

I'm led to believe 21 and 23 have rebranded to UKSF (Reserve) as have 4 Para (Reserve) rather than (V). The old R Sqn became L detachment which in turn became the high readiness element of 21 and 23.

Mr H


The debate about the post-Cold War role for 21 and 23 has been rumbling on for at least 15 years. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.
Someone clarify for me please.

If I remember correctly 21 had/has a Deep Recon role, similar to the HAC, and 23 were supposed to do CSAR? Aren't the Rockape element of SFSG supposed to be picking up/have picked up the CSAR role now?
Things I know to be true:

The selection process for 23 now includes a stint with P coy, for those candidates who don't quite come up to scratch physically. If they don't make the grade during selection on return, the paras take them on.

They have stopped recruiting civilians to the reserves, due to there lack of military skills. That seems to tie into what the other forum has highlighted about the poor skill base.

Almost all of the SAS gear has been sold off in single units on EBAY, from the flipflops to the canteens. Regular checking shows an alarming increase in activity, http://search.ebay.co.uk/sas_W0QQfromZR40 currently 2023 items up for sale.

Although I keep upbeat, I still am waiting to be invited on selection. As an ninja type, and ideal fodder for SF, they should be knocking down my door. I can only assume that the rumour has weight, and they just don't want to waste my time.

The SAS (R) don't have the free time, because of the working week, to dedicate 5+ hours a week to creative writing courses. As a result, only a handful of the reserves feel upto the task of tackling a novel. Which makes the whole ordeal of selection and deployment pointless.

Despite the fact they have been recruiting since the 1930's, there has been a resolute failure to get any females at all on selection. Calling it quits after all this time is only sensible, as the paras units are chock full of strapping girls.

The SAS commanding officer really, really likes red hats.
Urban myth had it:

that the HAC were going to be 24....which seems to be aload of old nonsense around since the 90's

that 23 were challanged back in the mid 90's to define a role.....and struck-out on the CSAR route

that 21 (as a freindly DS put it, were '2-late' in adopting a useful role ) and never managed to make a position for itself.

the HAC, being the forthright city gents that they were, maintained the middleground and opted for STA work (after moving from DFS control to DRA control), and latterly picking up a COTAC interest too.

Saying that, I'm old and pee allot when excited.......I'm sure others know the real gen is and can elaborate better than me

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