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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rad Brad, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi, been giving thought to transferring into a support staff role at 21 as I hear that there are more work opportunities there? Does anyone have any experience/advice to offer on this? Also do support staff get SF pay if deployed! And what headdress and stable belt do they have to wear?
  2. Beret of the unit they support. Stable belt and Regimental attire of own Corps/arm.
  3. Head-dress is SAS sand colour with your own capbadge, stable belt is your own. No you don't get SF pay and it depends what you mean by more opportunities, certainly they train more frequently than your average unit but the training is focused on the SAS soldiers so you will find less special to arm stuff for your own capbadge and more supporting them (driving them, cooking for them, etc). If you want a better answer you would be better off picking up the phone and ringing 21.
  4. Beat me to it....
  5. *Sigh.....

    Those two questions, as well as that of how much work you get, are the 3 main requirements of SF Support. Well done.
  6. ^They wear bright day glo green at my work.... shit I have to kill you now. Give us ten mins and I'll work out the SF Bin pay
  7. It may be easier to contact 63 Sig Sqn.... from what I could gather the attached arms seem to come from those attempting the sabre course, a number of those had moved over to 63 Sig Sqn but 63 does recruit directly
  8. there not taking on at the minute, but ring up go for an interview and depending on your trade they'll contact you when a slot crops up, providing they want you that is , my mate is in one of those jobs and like someone said your there to support them not get your rocks off walkin' arond in a sandy coloured beret. however if you have a skill they can use i.e SAA or ML for example, you could be assisting in training from time to time