SAS/Para issue items. How can you tell if they are genuine issue?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 2/51, May 15, 2012.

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  1. And when I say I came across them..I do not mean, literally!
  2. PRT would use them
  3. Standard issue in 3 Para Mortars so I'm told.
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  4. Look for a nickname like "Two Combs" or "Fiji Bob" stencilled somewhere about the item.
  5. Sadly they are new , Ive emailed them to see if "soiled" ones are available.
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  6. Caveat Emptor. I reckon that there is a percentile improvement to selling item X by adding 'SAS' and 'PARA' - so who wouldn't?
  7. Surely not? No one would be so dishonest to sell like that or so naive as to fall for it :roll:
  8. What scares me is it says Ladies size Medium...... 36"-42" waist..... I know ladies are on the increase in size but 42" waist on a woman to me would indicate bloater not medium... Or am I just getting too picky in my old age?
  9. There are ladies in the SAS?

    Don't forget, they are Military issue and therefore prone to the interesting sizes as set by the QM.... "'cause it fits son, just roll up the sleeves a bit and and eat some more pies, room to grow into it!!"
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  10. fu2

    fu2 LE

    They are only real if the gusset has been removed. This is because all para`s and THEM have really big hard balls.
  11. Never seen them in the Infantry so they must be special forces only! :)
  12. But tights under combats are a good way to keep warm in winter, and in summer thay can be swapped for cooler & more hygienic stockings & suspenders.
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  13. Thought that was RM SOPs and not Para?
  14. We had the flannel long johns. I had heard of some guys wearing tights but not actually seen it. I never gave stockings and suspenders a thought to be honest. I definately would have gone for them.

    Feeling like I missed out now!