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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by four_one_f, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. HI all...

    Saw a gucci padding system for the external frame of the old SAS / Para bergen. Someone said it was australian but can't see it.

    Does anyone out thereknow of a nice padding system or any tips for a DIY setup?

    Cheers 8)
  2. Use US ALICE straps for the shoulders and bungees or old rollmat in the center of the frame. Happy Tabbing!
  3. You can try using extra straps, or putting a folded kipmat inside the frame, but the problem is that the balance of the bergan means the bottom strap is the one that bears the most weight and consequently bites into your back.

    I've seen people use the old CEFO "rhino pad" to spread the load at the base and to provide a handy waist-strap, but in my unit that invited severe piss-taking and insinuations of gender and airborne-worthiness... :roll: :D Acceptable solution was to fill the unmodified bergan with rocks, tab about 100 clicks, and endure several generations of weeping raw bergan burns until they formed callouses.

    Or you could just use a modern rucsack from Millets.....
  4. They possibly meant this

    or the super-straps/belt here

    In which case you're better off with the complete US Alice pack (ukkitmonster will have one), maybe try and get the Kiwi version as their DPM is similar to ours.

    Not sure what version the Spams are on now, but the Alice pack was replaced by the Malice pack (great imagination) and now they're getting into packs with molly straps to allow custom-fit pouches (as we will soon I am led to believe)

    I never really got on with the external frame bergen but I quite like the look of the Kiwi one I've seen in use (similar to the one Regiment646 links to above)
  5. Hi guys... thanks for the replies. Got a kiwi alice pack but bloody crabs wont let you jump with it cause its not jump cleared.

    Havent really got tiime for the 100 mile tab but will think it over... lol

    cheers guys
  6. Wrap your alice pack in the paulin that you are issued with para kit then you can jump with it.
  7. Tarp? Never seen that mate
  8. We used to call it a 'wrapping sheet' but I've not seen one used for a while now !

    Try and cram everything in your smock pockets/CEFO and jump OH Assault !
  9. They are still issued, the PJI's then don't say a word about yr bergan and everything in it. The most under used piece of kit but hides loads of problems and prevent in tanglements too!! Ask yr CQ for one
  10. Either the above or use a bergen cover-hides a multitude of sins!
  11. plat atac has the same rep here as webtex does there, its pretty crap stuff
  12. Bergen cover mate.
    Out of sight, out of mind.
  13. there is a guy on Ebay that sells the shoulder and back straps.
    canmec has a shop with lots os wierd old cr*p on it
    all quit cheap