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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by coredude, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi all members of the SAS, please don't read on unless you are in the SAS. I am in the marrines and the SBS and MI5 and we want to go on a lads night out with you for a good drinking session to see who's the best at drinking. It will be good to meet each other, i will try to get some others come to. So if u is interdetsed give me a shout you can contect me throw my face party account, the names johngamefreak. Hop to hear bk.
  2. ha ha ha
  3. How could I read this anyway with black maskers over my eyes.


    Is that a Wah?
  4. CR, is this you again?
  5. It can't be a journo.At least they can spell!
  6. It can't be a journo.At least they can spell!
  7. Oh dear, I read this and I'm not in any of those secret squirrel organisations - although I did know a bloke in 49 PARA. This thread is now compromised!
  8. 437-744-xhgy-shjd-lori-qpas-kjit-lkjh-xuqm
  9. My big sister swears she was in the LRDG in a previously lifetime.... can she come?