sas no i dress uniform info wanted

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by u_didnt_c_me_i_wasnt_ther, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. right troops, here goes, i do abit of trading on ebay. military kit mainly,

    now here is something that ive found on ebay the has really taken my fancy.

    firstly i would like some info on sas no 1 dress,
    1. do they wear the usual stuff with red around the epaulettes and red stripe down the leg or do the have pompadour blue,
    2. secondly do they have wire collar dogs or is that just for ruperts.
    3. are the rank badges blue edged or the standard red.
    4. do officers have the sas shoulder titles on the epaulettes.

    now before the incoming starts, see the links that i have posted and look at the potential sheckles that can be earned.

    secondly, look at his other items, pay close attention to the pictures on the wall.

    i have asked him afew questions about the medals but no answer as yet.

    if these are in deed accurate then im getting myself on ebay and doing some serious buying.

    u_didnt dons cba and helmet and awaits incoming
  2.'ve convinced me that you have a walt tendancy..
  3. Is it just me or don't the gongs match the ribbons?

  4. Something wrong about this whole the hole.
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    For sale:

    Walt suit, x1, walting, for the use of.

    Utter shit.
  6. Is that the only thing you have noticed that's wrong ?

    Cloth cap badges for collar dogs
    No wings
    Sam Browne with Blues
    Machine Gunners badge (not wrong exactly, just unlikely for a SAS Major)
    SAS shoulder titles ? WTF ???

    I'm tempted to say it is in fact a 49 Para set, but as we know they wear Maroon tunics with sandy coloured jodhpurs
  7. Finally, the Grand Wizard of waltdom has been unmasked!
  8. They certainly don't. A walt won't care.
  9. Go to Google and enter 'Men-at-war books' which should bring up the Osprey Publishing website. Enter 'SAS' in the search window and click on the first result. It will show you a picture of an SAS oficer dressed in No1 Dress Uniform. You can then choose to make your decision from this.
  10. Or theft by any other name
  11. cheers sandbanks, so this gadgee has done exactly as i thought he'd done, and gone and made them up himself, having gone through his feedback. he certainly has bought afew uniform items, and hey presto he sells one uniform for £253 and has another for sale,

    did anyone see the his other items for sale, if you look in the background he has afew sf type certificates on his wall.
  12. He's not selling the badges or titles or medals with them.

    So you're buying a #1 Dress Uniform.
  13. Your buying instant waltdom, well as long as it fits, but im suprised that someone who trades in military kit, has to ask on here what people think of it, well it looks utter sh*te, so dont bother selling anymore. Cant get the fake medals to match the fake ribbons.
  14. He can't even be bothered to make a decent attempt at mounting the medals. One set had them about 2 inches above the pocket, the other below the ribbon bars.
    What a walting Cnut