sas mission details for ww2

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by muckychimney, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. My Grandad was origionally in the SOE then went onto the SAS and I would like to know if I could find out the operational details that he was attatched to during ww2, I know he was behind lines and was helping the FR as we have letters to him from resistance fighters when the war was over.
    He was a signaller I believe.
    He was also mentiond in dispatches for some reason again this eludes me so can I find out about what he was in there for ?
  2. It will be next to impossible to find out. Maybe try writting to 'Them' association for details, but they will probably be reluctent to release the info. You never know until you ask!
  3. Who do I write to ? Ive thought about writing to the MOD in Whitehall ?
  4. What makes you believe it was the SAS proper he joined? There were a number of ‘Jedburgh’ teams (Anglo American) operating there, and, as he was signals, many of these personnel were from the ‘Phantoms’ operating with the SAS?

    If you want to PM me his details I’ll see if I can add anything.

  5. We have some of his SAS papers, his codebooks, his sas badges and some letters from some of the French resistance people who he kept in touch with after the end of the war.

    My mum also tells me that he was at one stage in the Phantoms she can distintively remember his black beret with a P on the front of it.

    No 9 I have pm'd you with some of his details and reg's served in
  6. Like I said, you could write to the Special Army Soldier's Association? (according to Ross Kemp, Extra's)
  7. You could contact the SOE Museum at Beaulieu in Hampshire, also the Harrington Museum in Bedfordshire (bloke who runs it is interested in SOE history)
  8. Thanks for that Poppy :salut:
  9. There's a chance his SOE personnel file is at the National Archives at Kew.

    You can check here:

    For "Word or phrase" it's best to enter his surname.
    In the "department or series code" box enter HS9

    If the file is there but marked as closed, you can request for it to opened to the public by supplying a copy of his death certificate.
  10. Are your family considering donating the items to a museum? Harrington Museum has some effects of a Jedburgh radio operator who was in France. I have met him - wonderful bloke. When he came back he was sent to Burma!
  11. We have done on my G grandads stuff at the KOYLI museum at Donny but not mt Grandads stuff as it still has great sentimental value for my mum, unfortunately we dont have my Grandads medals though.
  12. Had his name mentioned in dispatches allowing him to wear his SAS wings, also looking through his army pay book it also lists him as being in GHQ Liason Regt which I now know to be a Phantom unit thanks to my other open thread.
    Some of his letters to his mrs also gave very brief details of being dropped by parachute behind enemy lines as well as some photos of him in his SAS and Phantom gear.
    I would love to know if he had anything to do with OMG or for that matter Overlord or the D Day landings...that would really be something ...god that would make me as proud as punch.
  13. Check your PM's. I had a relitive who served in them in Europe.
  14. Going down the disclosure route with the veteran association on this one now see where we get on that front, does anyone know the sas association address ? googled it and it comes up with allied specialforces but web site is no longer so no contact details.