SAS Medical Unit ?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by McDick69, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. G'day Gents. I recently saw a marvelous oil painting by a chap called Stuart Brown called "Battle Mist". The painting features a Medic stabilizing a wounded SAS soldier in Afghanistan. The painting also features a Chinook from 7 squadron which suggests that it isn't an ordinary MERT team. To the side it says Medical Support Unit 22 SAS Royal Army Medical Corps. So is there an elite Medical unit within the army?

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  2. Try asking in the Medics forum
  3. The RAMC have an attached arm with 'them' - just like they have with other formations.
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  4. I think the selection course is called Black Serpent.. Or summat
  5. Ssssh or you'll end up a subject in a live tissue lab

    His fluid challenge technique is current and is obviously shouting "stay with me smudger"
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  6. Regardless, he needs a trim..
  7. SF hair, two, yes two knee pads. It can't be a photorealistic as one only and that must be round the ankle preferably with racist slogans lumi coloured on it.
  8. Chatted with our RMO about this recently apparently only 1 doc has passed Black Serpent and as such gets smashed on almost every deployment
  9. My MO is commando/airborne trained its not him is it? Haven't seen him for a while anyway..

  10. bollocks!!
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  11. Some points:

    1) How can you tell it's a 7 Sqn Chinook?

    2) How can you tell it's an SAS soldier being stabilised?

    3) The picture is technically incorrect because the Chinook still has its 'goldfish bowl' window in place.

    4) It is a fantastic painting, though.
  12. I'm going to be a bit of a spotter here but the discarded armour carrier on the floor and on the bloke holding the drip are Paraclete RAVs, widely known to be on issue to "them" (and RMP CP) and the other bloke crouching over him with the latex gloves on has what I'm guessing to be a Diemaco sling behind him. (Again could be any m4 variant but as we all know Diemacos are the weapon of choice for "them") Point 2 addressed.

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  13. On the website that presents it. That's what it says is happening. There also using c8's and differnet body armour
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  14. Did I miss the DIB that says we now address the SAS (or any other SF organisation) as "them" all the time?