SAS medals on ebay

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fallschirmjager, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Well it looks like that time of year when the mongs come out to play on ebay. Here we have SAS medals for sale! The medals are so secret that they're not even engraved!!! Plus it is clear to see the medals are fake. I think this bloke needs some of our famous ARRSE bidding! I think we should also mock him with questions. :threaten:

    SAS medals
  2. St Johns Ambulance Long Serving Medal, someone must be having a laugh!!

    I suppose he is entitled to the Salvation Army Trombone playing medal as well!!
  3. Not very well mounted, are they? Do you think he'll give a discount on these grounds?
  4. Another good find, Fallsch.

    Mmm. So the GSM isn't engraved for security reasons? His first gong was the GSM NI and he was clearly in the SAS when he recieved it hence it not being engraved. Double mmmm.

    The St Johns gong makes it all the more realistic!
  5. They look like miniature replica medals for mess dress.
  6. I was doubting his past with the Special Air Service until he mentioned the relationship with the St Johns Ambulance....

    Worth every penny, I may bid on them myself and put them on my wall next to the cardboard cut out of David Stirling circumnavigating the moon in Aug 1958
  7. Is there such a thing as a clasp for Telic 1? Which I assume this date clasp on the Telic medal is for?
  8. Yes
  9. This is unbeleivable!!! No Number, rank, name etc due to "security" reasons??? And how come there is no rosette on the Telic medal?

  10. Any chance of the pictures being posted, as some of us are under DII moral police ruling.
  11. edited for being a mong.....
  12. They look like Mess Dress miniatures, which would explain why no Telic 1 rosette or engraved names.

    My advice is to bid a sensible amount and offer to pick them up in person, get his address and go round and leather the Walting Lying Cnut, it's an outrage that he expects to get away with this.
  13. wouldnt be out the question, he lives in Mansfield, as do i...... :threaten:
  14. Obvoulsy his Sqn wasn't involved in Afghanistan...ever