SAS Mars bar

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Japster, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. 10 out of 10 for effort.

    Wonder if anyone realy will bid for it?
  2. Yeah. Who the FCUK will buy a mars bar starting at £0.49 when you can get one at the local shop for £0.30. And the FCUKING CHEEK of the seller to put P and P at £50 yes £50 is a bloody joke. However, there is always some idiot that wil think it is a good deal and buy it.
  3. Prob some yank marine as well!!
  4. Well, I suppose you've got to keep morale up somehow after you're told your Chinooks can't come because there's a cloud on the horizon and some hat accountant has ebayed the rest of the Sp Hel fleet... 8O
  5. Aha!
    A classic baited "Walt Trap"
    One can only hope it lightens the wallet, sorry, burden of some benighted soul :D
  6. yep fully agree a walt trap " look i have a genuine sas mars bar" cnut :lol:probably an arrser taking the piss! considering the recent shite on e-bay
  7. fantastic ebay item.
    if any body buys it then the buyer should get a genuine SAS round aswell.

    straight from the barrel ofcourse.
  8. A harsh first post - well done! 8) :lol:
  9. Agh Ebay have removed the SAS Mars Bar... I might have wanted to bid on that.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    E-bay aren't famous for their sense of humour, and it appears that Mars Bars are now as evil as firearms and funny sixty year old German crosses......

  11. Typical it's been removed and I was only asking the seller whether McNab or Ryan had ever hidden the said bar up thier hoops on E&E...
  12. Rumour has it that it was actually the very Mars bar that McNab half-inched from Vince's rat-pack thereby reducing his calories to critical levels for the E&E...we all know what happened next...The forthcoming book "Trooper Cadbury, SAS" will give the full details including the fascinating, nay astonishing, nearly 77000 ruminations of Chris Ryan's juicy fruit gum.
  13. how to make a quick buck on ebay lesson one:

    liberal use of "PARA SAS MARINES!!!!!!..... AS CARRIED BY THE INFAMOUS BRAVO TWO ZERO PATROL" theres always some twat who pays double for items described like this. could be a quick earner though anyone want to buy a genuine s10 resiparator canister carried by the sas in iraq..................

    thought not oh well i'll try ebay