SAS Laptop Bag

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by panzerknacker, Dec 26, 2011.

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  1. I confused as to how he is saying it is DPM. I have just asked him how he knows it was used by the SAS.
  2. The guy has a company called Sierra Alpha Supplies and I think he also just adds random acronyms to his adverts. Might also want to tell him to not take the harry maskers of the Dell logo next time, for that authentic "Them" look.
  3. Can't be ex-SAS. The lack of a 1970s porn star style moustache is a dead give away. This bag is a walt special forces briefcase IMHO.
  4. It could be a 14 Int laptop bag.
  5. What a cock! Anyone want the laptop, I found it in a Macdonalds, the one at 45 Whitehall. Full office software load and a lot of weird mapping stuff. I've got five of the ******* now!
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  6. At least my bottle of wine is pucka gen!

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  7. Could be; the giveaway would be a laptop still inside.
  8. When you go to pick it up, does it dump everything and make a dash for the Syrian border?
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  9. And then write ******* books about it.
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  10. It's obviously ex SF kit . It's covered with that black tape THEY use to cover their eyes when they go on their outings.
  11. Can't be ex SAS, no black bit over the name :)
  12. SAS lap tops are contained in massive Aluminium Carrying cases, which it takes two of them to carry up welsh mountains.
  13. I've seen his shop before, everything has SAS/PARA/DPM/PLCE on it. Even Webtex stuff, I didn't realise the SAS and Paras were fans of it.