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SAS Laptop Bag

I have just asked him how he knows it was used by the SAS.
The guy has a company called Sierra Alpha Supplies and I think he also just adds random acronyms to his adverts. Might also want to tell him to not take the harry maskers of the Dell logo next time, for that authentic "Them" look.
What a cock! Anyone want the laptop, I found it in a Macdonalds, the one at 45 Whitehall. Full office software load and a lot of weird mapping stuff. I've got five of the ******* now!


Book Reviewer
This is a bog standard Dell laptop computer bag. I'm using what appears to be the exact same bag that came with my laptop as a "special." Purchased it from an online electronics store new, no MoD involvement whatsoever. eBay is loaded with puff and fraud. And I'm afraid that the SAS acronym is actually due to dyslexia with a misplacement of the last S.

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