SAS Knight in North Carolina?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by bama53, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. A question from a new transatlantic member who admires your efforts to get Shortty...

    Can anyone substantiate any of the claims of one "Sir Robert Gladstone Bell," who seems to be prominent in Scottish culture circles in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he runs a shop called Highland House?

    Here are some items that just don't seem to ring true. I've checked the Gazette for his supposed knighthood and it's not there...I'm guessing he'd take refuge in the explanation that SAS knighthoods aren't gazetted, but then why would he be advertising the affiliation publicly?

    From (Note: Blue Star Mothers is an organization of women with children in military service): acknowledgment to "Sir Robert Bell, Former Captain, British Special Air Services, Knighted 1996"

    From : "Hamish Gladstone Bell, C.T.S., (Community of the Tonsured Servant) is a native of New Zealand with ancestors originating from Scotland. At age 14, his family moved to the United States. His father, Sir Robert Gladstone Bell, was knighted by the OBM, a representative of Queen Elizabeth II..."

    (OBM? What's that? Lots of Scottish pseudohistory on this page as well, but I'm concerned at the moment only about the military-related claims)

    In the past, I've also seen a report of his playing the bagpipe at some ceremony at the USMC base at Camp Lejeune, also with the claimed SAS affiliation mentioned, but that seems to have disappeared from the web.

    Anyway it all made my antennae twitch, and I wonder if anyone here can shed any light.

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  2. He's a bullshitter.

    If he was SAS, he wouldn't have referred to himself as being in the "Special Air Services" for a start. Secondly, there are no such things as "SAS" Knighthoods. There are just, well, Knighthoods. Thirdly, you didn't find mention of his Knighthood in the London Gazette because clearly he doesn't have one.

    In years gone by, he may have got away with such disgraceful Walter-Mittyesque behaviour. Today, thanks to the internet and fairly open disclosure of public information, such fools are easily caught out.

    It's a pity that the US "Honor Laws" don't apply to ex-pats like this guy. Or does it.... has he US Citizenship do you think? :)
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  3. I just ran every serch I can find, I found ex MI6, and a number of ex SAS on medal and honour rolls ect but no mention of this chap
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  4. Is this him? There is NO record of ANY such named individual being knighted, either in the UK or anywhere else. He ticks all the right boxes of waltery. High time he was brought down a few pegs. I might just e-mail him and see what I can find out.

    Your mission Jim - should you choose to accept it - is to get as much gen on the muppet as you can without being arrested by the feds for harassment. ARRSE is open 24/7. :wink:

    Oh yeah... welcome to the bear pit! :D
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  5. we all know that anyone in the sas never say they are in the sas only the Regiment end of.. yep hes a walt
  6. My waltometer is going off the scale, a quick google search brings this up. Walt-alert!, and it is mightily reminiscent of the faux-celtic cr4p spouted by a certain Baron on these pages!
  7. Emailed this - see if I can get him to waste a trip to London :)

    Sir Robert,

    I am an ex serving member of 22 SAS, and I am trying to get together a party of ex-serving troopers in London sometime this year. A reunioun if you will. There will be current serving soldiers, and ex-members of the Regiment.

    There will also be a trip to Sterling Lines so the older members can see how things have changed since "back in the day"

    Could you please email me if you are interested in attending. I need to get some idea of numbers so I can book accomodation, and get the dates sorted out.

    Many thanks.

    "Smudge" Smith

    Ex D Squadron 22 SAS
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  8. Excellent idea! Poor Sir Robert. He's already showing up on ARRSE when he's Googled. Ouch!
  9. I fancy a go as ive had a really crap week and he will do nicely!!
  10. Somone E mail that piece in the Sun to the walt
  11. Where the fuckity did he get those tartans from. (Clan gay arse?).jesus christ it was burning my eyes out...

    Walt meter is off the scale on that git :wink:
  12. Yeah right, we all know you were G you walting cnut.
  14. I hope Sir Robert hasn't over-egged his cake too much?

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