SAS kills hundreds of terrorists in secret war against AQ

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

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  2. Does this count as cultural sensitivity, as we're sending them off to meet their 70-odd virgins, or summat? :)
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  3. does this mean a pink pick up truck is now classed as 'ally' and also why did they pick pink im sure a black pick up would just be as good
  4. Get in there.
  5. Good. This needs some explaining though.

    This is the only bit that bugs me. Are British troops "shooting to scare", "shooting to wound" or "shooting to cause further consideration" etc. What? Surely if you shoot (your rifle or other lethal weapon), you intend to kill.

    "There is no shoot to kill policy" is political talk that does not mean what it is saying. Just bugs me. Report writing should be brief and accurate.
  6. Shades of NI in the '80's - nobody less a few pillowbiting lefties give a sh1t if we are killing them. More power to their elbow :twisted:
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  7. Pilgrims lots :) assorted waste of skin baddies nil :)
  8. When they got to heaven they saw 70 naked fat blokes, and asked God ...... wtf allah be great where are my 70 virgins? i only see fat man here...
    God replied , Did i say they would be female?? :twisted:
  9. Dejavu back in 91 remember painting 100's of 1 tonnies in a beigey shade of dusky pink being advised this would be advantagous in the early / late sun.
    can confirm was bollox but our gay convor rolled on :roll:
  10. Nice one :D when they are done there can they come back and give all the chavs the good news too :wink:
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  11. Good Drills, as one would expect from THEM. :D 8)

    Makes you proud to be British! :salut:
  12. I certainly do not object to fundies being killed. I just dislike the weasel language.

    Those daft claims will earn a few lawyers a lot of taxpayers money soon. I definitely object to that.
  13. I'm always proud to be British, old chap! :D

    But you're right, of course; an outstanding performance, even by the high standards of THEM. 8)
  14. I have nothing to say on this matter other than GOOD.

    ~message ends~
  15. Shame THEY aren't doing it in this country.
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