SAS joining requirements: A fitting face and good eyesite?!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by PANGEA, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Ok, so I'm joining the paras, and while I'm training hard for that, I also have fully researched SAS selection as well, and read all about their missions, lifestyle, etc, and while theres obviously a long way to go, I just want to know that, should I be ready, I would be able to apply for selection after 3 years, and stand a good chance of getting in. Now I read in Richard Mcmunns book 'How2join The SAS' that you can pass everything, do well, be good enough to be in the regiment, have good enough fitness, mental strength and the DI's like you and everything, but you can still fail if 'your face doesn't fit' what does this mean? I have brown skin, will this make a difference?! With that said, I know that the SAS is far more picky, does having brown skin affect my chances of getting in. (i.e is racism more than just banter there?). Finally, what are the eyesite requirements? I have 3.5 diopteres, this probably isn't good enough, but there are ways of improving it.
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    Awaits incoming.....
  3. Some posts should just go straight in the bin.
  4. Dear God, please make it stop.
  5. FFS I have so much work to do this evening and now this potentially classic thread comes along! Popcorn and beer on two minute standby.

    EDITED to ask: Are you a Freemason? This is very important.
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  6. Excuse me while I go and outside and kick the **** out of the first speccy aspergers dork that I see walking past.
  7. **** off then
  8. For having my lightweights well pressed, hair above the collar and short fingernails they sent me to the Army Recruiting Office on The Strand in Lahndun for a week. I wish I'd received a tenner for every well spoken, be-suited chappie who came in enquiring about a career with, or a direct entry commission to, THEM. The most precious one was the chap who came in with his mummy to ask on his behalf...........nearly dropped my cuppa.
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  9. **** off then, just thought I'd ask a ******* question about something ridiculous I heard, from a trusted book. You don't want to give a good answer, piss off then!!
  10. **** off then, just thought I'd ask a ******* question about something ridiculous I heard, from a trusted book. You don't want to give a good answer, piss off then!!
  11. I believe they are still known as 'helicopters' regardless of how many weapons are mounted on them. Did you just find them sitting around on an apron? I don't think you can just take them you know.
  12. THE sas is a fairly small unit so if your a social hand grenade or have other issues they wont want you.
  13. Sensible answer.

    Take things one step at a time e.g. at least get into your regiment of choice first.

    Then take a relaxing bath in naptha and get your mother to lob in a lit match you ****.
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  14. So in a nutshell.....everyone needs to **** off, the SAS will snap you up with an attitude like that everytime you don't like something that's said.
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