SAS insight course?



There used to be a pre-selection course held at HDCC back in the 1980/90s. So all you need to do is join any regiment of the Household Division then find yourself a tardis. wull-ah
Hi guys just wondering is an SAS or SASR insight course avaliable, if so how could I get on it?

Yes they are holding one on Saturday at jarrods local public toilet.
All you go straight to interrogation stage. So all you need to do is strip off and enter the trap with the hole in the wall. And try not to talk.

Enjoy you fucking chod.

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The OP seems to have the intellect and social skills of a 1 Star Cadet who appears to have been encouraged by his PI to post as many utterly bone and pointless threads as possible.

To answer your latest stupid fucking question, Yes, there is an SAS pre-selection course, it's known as 'The British Army'

As for your next ball aching posts try these:

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Is an MOD 90 really 'A Licence to Kill?
Finally, how many ears on my necklace do I need to join the SAS?