SAS in Somalia, identifying british terrorists.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mark1234, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Daily Mail article

    Terrorist sleeper cells said to be planning attacks in the UK have been unmasked after the bodies of Britons killed in US bombing raids in Somalia were identified by a top-secret SAS mission.

    The four British men were among an estimated 400 people killed in a series of American air raids on Al Qaeda training camps in the war-torn East African state in January.

    In March, British and US special-forces troops were secretly sent back into the region to take DNA samples from the exhumed remains of more than 50 of those killed during the attacks.

    The joint SAS and Delta Force teams spent a number of days in the former Al Qaeda strongholds of Hayo and the island of Lamu, trying to identify foreign terrorists. They were armed with profiles of wanted terrorists they believed had been hiding and training in the area.

    The wanted list included people who were tracked from America, the UK and other European countries - notably France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

    The British and American teams are now playing a key role in the war against terror and take their orders directly from the CIA.

    The DNA samples were processed on a US aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea and the results sent to the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Washington DC.

    MI5 is understood to have used the samples to identify four British men killed in the US attacks. Their relatives and friends have now been put under covert surveillance in the hope of identifying further terror cells in the UK.

    "This was a very successful operation and has provided key intelligence about terrorists still planning attacks in the UK and elsewhere in Europe', said a source.

    "Up to four UK-based terror cells may have been disrupted or destroyed because of the air strikes, as well as cells based in other European countries."

    The attacks were mounted from the neighbouring state of Djibouti, where 2,000 US troops were stationed. They had been waiting to join a push by the Somali government against the Islamic Courts regime in Mogadishu, which forcibly took over much of the country in 2006.

    Last night a senior Whitehall source would not discuss the operation, but added: "It is well known that the Islamic Courts issued an open invitation to foreign jihadists to go to Somalia."

    Intelligence reports had long suggested many Western Muslims had taken up the offer and were receiving military training in the region.

    Three Britons were arrested in Kenya after fleeing the US air raids on Somalia. All were interrogated but were finally allowed to return to the UK.

    One of the men, Reza Afsharzadagen, 25, from North London, says he was in Somalia teaching computer programming.

    He claims to have been accused of terrorism and interviewed by MI5, but he has faced no charges on his return to Britain.
  2. Slight amendment to the title required. Delete 'British terrorists', insert 'British passport-holding terrorists'. Minor in typo terms but significant in terms of classifying these people.

  3. Cannot be a good thing surely.
    Since when did the CIA have power over British forces?
    The lads will be busy...
  4. suits u- this has been happening for a while, UKSF and septic special forces have been working together with the CIA since the start of T.W.A.T.

    PAW- I would not class these traitors as British, but as they have British passports technically they are , and your suggestion seems a bit long winded for a title , I agree with you in the sentiment though.

    Just a point to note, if you look at the pictureof the SF bloke in the mails article you can just about makeout a bushy tasche! :D

    When I right clicked the picture though, the name of the picture was "Marine230607_468x523.jpg"

    Could it be that this is SBS falsely reported as SAS again. Or possibly it's a pic from elsewhere that they just stuck in the article.
  5. Is it just me or is the fella pictured carrying an SA80, albeit heavily sniper taped. I could be wrong (and usually am), but everyone keeps telling me how UKSF dont use it and still consider it to bea bit of a sh*t weapon. Have opinions changed since the A2 came in possibly?
  6. It's possible that it's just a pic of a marine in Afghan , and the mail are trying to pass it off as SF?

    Look at the title of the pic.

    edit-Actually mong moment on my part, if it was just a marine he'd have his dagger on his smock.
  7. Thats what I thought.
  8. If he was just a regular bootneck, shouldn't he have Commando flashes on his shoulders?

    edited to add: stock photo sounds the most likely.
  9. Yeah I realised that, I had a brain fart, see my edited post
  10. That phot's from OP JACANA, Afghanistan 2002. :wink:
    He's either 29 Cdo RA or 59 Cdo Engr since all the booties do up their draw-cords.
  11. The CIA is using present and former Special Forces soldiers on Intelligence operations - it is USSOCOM