SAS Hero Reveals True Identity on Absolute Radio

Listening to Absolute Radio this morning the theme was people phoning in who had a long held secret. Out of the blue someone called 'Andy' phoned in with a confession that he had been in 'Them' for 6 years and hadn't been able to tell anybody until now. As the presenter rightly pointed out it seemed strange that after all that enforced secrecy the recommended method of coming clean was to reveal all on a national radio show. Even better was to come ....

Christian O'Connell 'So Andy, having left the SAS what are you doing now?'

Andy 'I run a sandwich bar'

I almost swerved into the central reservation. Podcast below it starts at 15:13.


Of course, it could all be true in which case I feel ashamed for laughing.
is there anyway i can skip to the right point
Wah Shield on

Errrrr ..............When the player opens and starts just drag the little bar along to the 15 min and 13 second display?

Wah Shield off
got it listened to it and not sure if he is true or not he sounds true though but then again look at all the other people who have said they have been in the almighty 22 reg and turned out not to.
nobody knew? ...nobody? not even the bloke in the bunk next to him.
so all we need to do is look for a sandwich bar called " Walt's Sarnie and coffee bar" and we've got him.
of course we could all call up absolute radio and tell them " my secret is I was in THEM" all on one day , one after the other
I suppose we should be grateful that at least he didn't claim to be the 123,765th man on the balcony.
A girl who works with me, her son in law is one of them (genuinely). If she knows her son in law is in THEM, how come this chaps family don't know? Not judging, just saying.
I sense another ARRSE Challenge - Anyone who gets broadcast on Absolute Radio confessing to the murder of anyone on Soldier Without Borders' "People We've Killed" list gets 10p

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