SAS hero awarded VC - I hate newspapers, why no facts??

I dont know whether to be offended or impressed with these stories:

' HERO Corporal Willie Apiata has joined the bravest of the brave – and received the Victoria Cross.

The soldier – dubbed Mudguts for his love of any type of food – is only the second living serviceman to receive the ultimate medal for valour in 38 years.

The Maori SAS trooper, who hunts pigs in his spare time and has a moustache like 1980s TV action man Tom Selleck, saved his commander’s life in Afghanistan under heavy machine gunfire.

Willie, 35, hoisted the badly wounded commander on to his back and sprinted 70 metres to safety – then returned to help rout Taliban forces. '


' SAS Afghan hero is awarded VC

A REGIMENTAL sergeant major in the SAS is to become the first living recipient of a Victoria Cross since the Vietnam War, for his bravery in action against al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan.

The soldier was part of a 90-strong British force which found itself outnumbered two to one during fierce fighting around the Tora Bora cave complex in the White Mountains. '

Funny how both stories claim them to be the second and first (respectively) living soldiers to be awarded the VC in the last 38 years ... where does Johnson Beharry VC fit in??

Congratulations to both men concerned ... but why is there no consistency in the news? reading the papers today was like reading my 5 year old nieces English story-writing homework.

Sorry if this has been done already - I couldnt find it in the Arrse Search.
Both stories are quite old, the Sun is out by a mile Cpl Apiata was awarded the NZ VC earlier this year and the Scotsmans story iis dated 2002 and was incorrect...

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