SAS HALO Course Cert... Coming to a Walt near you...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fatbadge, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. My eyes have started to bleed. I'm going to bed.

    Its too depressing.
  2. This is fucking worrying.
  3. But he has made about £700 out of flogging dodgy photocopies of bogus certificates to the 'Pte Goldens' of this world.

    Very enterprising.

    As they say, EBay parts stupid people from money they shouldnt have in the first place.
  4. Woah that is reallly bad!
  5. What the fuck?
  6. Fcuk me now i have seen it all. Medals/socks/smocks i can just about take with a shake of my head in sadness.

    This takes the prize as the waltiest of fcuking walty things. I'm with Facey Romford, Apocalypse Now has just finished and i'm off to bed.
  7. Ahh- now I understand his angle - he wants proper certificates to be issued on completion of selection. I'd imagine it must be a real bug bear, you pass the course and the tight bastards won't even give you a bit of paper to stick on your bedroom wall.
  8. I am approaching 51 but I'm still nails. The bloke in the chippy thinks I am too (but mostly because he's 16, ginger and spotty, and I'm usually drunk when I slur out my order for my Friday night pudding & chips).

    Would a letter from him give me a bye through selection?
  9. When is ARRSE going to get into this business of parting walts with their money?

    I know a similar thing was done on the 49 Para thread, but this looks like easy money. Put any old cr@p on ebay, mention 'them' and wait out for 1 (Civ) Airsoft Bde to open their wallets.

    I reckon half a dozen racing spoons, a few used 6" long pieces of 'identity obscuring' black and nasty, and a floppy jungle hat would get enough notes in to pay for the majority of us to go to the Army v Navy Rugby match.
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I have got a Banner Permenant Marker that might have been used by "them". Any offers?
  11. Putting the army's crest on paperwork without permission is serious law-breaking.

    The fact he's also representing other MOD / Regt arm of service badges on there as well means he should be shopped to Whitehall RIGHT NOW! This law-breaking cnut is getting away with something the MOD are clamping down on! GRRRRR.
  12. 50p inclusive of P+P

    We cant bloody get em where we are... 'Oh we've spent the stationery budget..'

    :shakefist: :pissedoff:

    Has it got black tape over the writing along it's side?


    The missus just said
    'Oh you could get one of those certs for your Brother...'

    :meditate: :shakefist: :shakefist: I am currently biting my lip to prevent expletives emitting...
  13. I did get up this morning, right? I didn't just dream that?