SAS get 50% pay rise to halt quitters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. SAS get 50% pay rise to halt quitters

    Worth every penny and more!
  2. Ought to do that army wide. Probably wouldnt work though.
  3. Do they get better royalties when they write their books too :D

    Joking aside... I think they should get paid the increase as they bloody well deserve it.
  4. I think its a disgrace that our service men and woman pay tax when they are on active service.

    Thank you labour government.

  5. I do also think its wrong that we pay tax on active service. I do know that the American Armed farces don't pay tax when out of their country for a certain period of time. Why can't we do the same?
  6. Dont we all?
  7. I actually broached this subject whilst on exercise in Norway last year when Adam Ingram came out to make a flying visit. A few of us (pongo's and matelots) were 'chosen' to have lunch with him and I found myself sitting directly opposite him for the best part of 45 minutes. Whilst some people were content to not 'stir any sh1t', I gave the fcuker both barrels (much to the amusement of the Cdr who was acting as his bitch) about why UK forces had to pay taxes whilst deployed after a set qualifying period especially when the RFA do not pay taxes after being out of the country for more than 6 months at a time. His, rather crap and patronising, response was that 'we needed to pay taxes'. He couldn't explain to me how, for example, RN and RFA personnel have found themselves both deployed for the same amount of time but one group not paying taxes.

    [/off soapbox mode]
  8. Good stuff matelot, nice to see someone still has a pair of plums. What a tosser though. What kind of response is that?
  9. They don't deserve it more than any other soldier - in fact probably less, because they're already paid more, just for getting better kit, and not having to account for any stores they lose or waste.
  10. Well that was a sh1t answear from him! I think the reason why we're paying tax whilst serving abroad and RFA don't is because theres that many forces serving abroad, there would be a big dent in the goverments pocket.
  11. Maybe Biggles,

    But just think how much of an incentive it would be to stay in knowing that you wouldn't pay taxes everytime you were deployed operationally and it would also be a vote winner.

    I did of course mention both these, in my opinion anyway, extremely valid points to which the Rt Hon Ingram more or less told me to do one.

    Oh, and I had to explain my comments to a 1* afterwards as well who after hearing what I had said to Ingram, agreed with me.
  12. Actually I read that Squaddies are the ONLY army that has to pay taxes overseas
  13. I know it's getting off-line on the subject but, I had the pleasure of a selected few with Ingram on Telic 1. Arse.

    It was kind of the same topic (pay etc) and he was one of the most condesending people I've had the joy to meet.

    Arse (did I say that already?)
  14. That is correct as far as I am aware.
  15. Jesus, they must be rich. They're never in their OWN country.