SAS fears flying footballs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by POM7071, Nov 26, 2004.

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  1. Article in todays Telegraph,

    The SAS is trying to block plans for a school playground next to its base, in case it comes under fire from stray footballs.
    Developers want to build 100 houses, a care home and a school on land adjoining the Regiments headquarters.
    Military officials fear training exercises, often involving live ammunition, will be disturbed by flying footballs over the perimeter fence.
    The Ministry of Defence has written to planners at Herefordshire council, outlining a string of objections.
  2. "Excuse me Mister soldierman with no name or face, but....can i have my football back please"
  3. The SAS have many amazing skills, but I did not know that giving birth was one of them... :lol:
  4. Hell, knowing how many rounds these guys unload anually, i wouldnt want to send my kids to a school next door. 8O

    I also notice that the average age of the serving SAS man has dropped below 30 for the first time. Surely this is not a great development (apart from the fitness ascpect!) as it was always the senior NCO's (30-40) who held the unit together and had the most experience.

    Just a passing observation

    agent smith
  5. Dear, oh Dear oh Dear! She is going to catch a terrible cold! Wrap her up in a nice warm trooper, someone.

  6. ooooh a nice warm trooper
    yes please, where can we get one of those now :wink: