SAS facing recruitment crisis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by petergriffen, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Telegraph link

    I can't vouch for it, make of this what you will gents.
  2. I'm always dubious about media reports on the SAS.

    Look like the gutter press filling their columns again.
  3. The numbers are way out, but I'd not be surprised to find there's some truth behind it. There was a time when joining UKSF was the only way to guarantee you'd see some "action", but that's well and truly over now.
  4. but how long before uksf is the only way to see real fighting? my guess is 3 years!
  5. Olds, not news. I read almost the exact same article at least a year ago... :roll:
  6. Don't get me wrong I always wanted to go that way (although chances are that I would not pass selection but I would give it a good go) but the job has fundamentally changed and put me off.

    Some people have quite a romantic notion of what the SF do. It is a bloody hard job that would probably take its toll of any man.
  7. Not sure I follow? With our Afghan commitment, anyone joining the Infantry is likely to wind up on the front line.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yeah of course, like they always have.... :roll:
  9. Exactly. You only have to do the maths; two Selections every year. If there is an average of 300 people in total attempting Selection, perhaps 30 will be Badged, or even less.

    Balanced against this is SAS soldiers retiring, being injured, RTU'd or KIA. It does'nt take Brianiac to figure out that Them are always going to be under-staffed. :roll:
  10. what with the state of the economy, and conservatives likely to be in power soon, i dont think we will be in afghanistan for much longer. the army has already been switched from direct combat to training the ANA, in my view that decision was just the beginning of many that will lead to a pull out, similar to what happened in basra.
  11. I completely agree. The regiment will be doing fine, this is most likely a small leaked gossip that's been escalated to paper column news simply because it involves those 3 magic letters that have people "oooing and aahhing".
  12. Obviously I don't think the death toll of the sas in 2008-2009 is easily availible so im not going to use figures, but if 8 people got through then is that all bad,

    I mean if only 8 people got exepted into the infantry this year the fair enough but the sas isn't exactly the main fighting force of the british army.

    If it affects opsec in any way then don't answer but how big, numbers wise, is the sas. wiki p says 3 regements but thats kinda vaige, but then agen it's openly edited.

    I think its a good sign that the numbers were low because if 93/93 got through then i'd think it was a bit sad that standards were sliping a bit.

    I have a confession, i had to look up mcfly on wiki p to find out how to spell obviously.

    I have anouther confession, I know mcfly sung a song called Obviously
  13. I read somewhere that the total Badged strength was approx. 400 all ranks, not counting 21/23. But that could very well be a load of b0llocks. :roll:
  14. I've a solution, make selection easier!
  15. Obviously your trying to push someones buttons there Bevis.

    Dropping quality lines is always a dangerous game. Maybe they could have pre-SAS beat up. I would love to see the kind of characters who tipped up for that.