SAS Faces Inquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Aug 21, 2005.

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  1. A similar inquiry in the 1980s into alleged fraud by Delta and Seal Team Six, the elite American military units, severely hampered their operations.

    That inquiry extended over several years and resulted in a number of members of the US special operations units being court-martialled and jailed for making false expenses claims.

    Well, it makes a change from them copying us.....
  2. It's the nature of the beast: wherever a financial audit trail is less than crystal clear there is the opportunity both for malfeasance and the accusations thereof. I only hope that this turns out to be the work of an overenthusiastic bean-counter rather than true misappropriation of funds by anyone on the ground.
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Something very similar happened towards the end of the Dhofar/Oman campaign in the 1970s. Essentially it was discovered that a group of SAS operators had set up a 'Ghost Firqat' and were claiming money to procure weapons, supplies etc. The funds they were stealing then were Omani, so it was largely covered up, but there were quite a few RTUs, demotions and so on.

    At the end of the day, and whatever the truth of these allegations, passing selection indicates that a soldier is fit, adaptable and well-motivated, not that he's a knight in shining armour, and we shouldn't forget that.
  4. Think the bean counters should try doing the lads job might have a different view on expenditure, starting with blood, sweat and whatever.
  5. Much fuss was recently made about BAe having a 'slush fund' to provide perks for wealthy foreign potential investors. Unfortunately, while this sort of thing is abhorrent to us (well, our bean counters), in many parts of the world, it is the only way you can do business.

    Take for example the Sheikh in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: not interested in copious amounts of money, he would only consider offering assistance in exchange for the SS Officer's Rolls Royce - "I even like the colour....". Imagine being the accountant who had to write that one off....:?
  6. Which Sqn was Indiana in?
  7. Didnt the delta guys get done for flying economy and claiming for business class .And giving a contract for stun grenades to a mates busniess hardly enron . Giving sneaky beaky types access to unlimted funds will allways run the risk of funds being used inappropriately .Weren't there papers released recently about a soe agent in yugoslavia who got done for stealing some of the gold he was given to fund the resistance ?
  8. If a few hundred or thousand pounds go missing then those responsible face the equivalent of the Spanish inquisition.

    If a few million pounds are mislaid (MoD procurement incompetence, raiding of pension funds) then it is business as usual.
  9. What about when blind guys wrongly procure travel warrants for their birds?? (Blunktwatt)

    Try that one and see what happens to old Tommy Atkins!!

    The bean counters need to back off on this one. Best left well alone.
  10. Maybe Andy McNab could "write" another thriller.

    "Budget Two Zero"

    A fearless RHQ bean-counter, armed with Banner calculator and red pen, trails through the Sqn accounts and finds a conspiracy. Partnered by an attractive accountant from Whitehall, they trace the missing funds to the Cayman Islands.

    They are then stapled to death by some blokes with black rectangles where their eyes should be.

    The End.
  11. Having investigated this sort of thing whilst in the SIB, I can say that there was a surprising amount of fraud going on, from individual claims from Privates right up to senior officers ripping of accounts for tens of thousands. I am sure that if an individual thinks they could get away with it and they are that way inclined, the casual way they appear to be accounting for things opens up the possibilities of p1ss taking. I am sure it will be properly investigated. The press love a good SAS story and seem to be intent on increasing their circulation on the suggestion of wrongdoing rather than waiting for the facts. On the other side of the fence, writing a blank cheque and not keeping accounts opens up the door for these sort of accusations and allows the men in suits to go snooping around. As one of the previous posts has mentioned they never seem to look at the Civil Servants and why millions of our taxes get wasted on various projects. I am sure the scale of fraud going on in these type of departments would dwarf what happens in the services. :roll:
  12. So a few lads dip their fingers in the til. BFD. The MoD Mongs and Thier masters have cosT this country billions, as well as weakning our national security. At least the soldiers work for a living, which is more than you can say for civil servants or politicians.
    PS: MoD civil servants are to be awarded bonuses of up to £5,000 each - THAT'S theft!
  13. I knew of a true-life story in which a Chief of Staff of a certain Asian air force was provided with "hospitality" by a certain defence company (let's just call them "BritishWasteOfSpace" or "BwOS").

    The "hospitality" consisted of a troupe of call-girls. The Chief was offered their services, and perhaps being a veteran of a certain war against a certain superpower, he had a well-developed set of moral standards. Perhaps BwOS had miscalculated in attributing the standard "Johnny Foreigner" value set to this particular officer.

    The call-girls were declined, so they offered their services (paid for but perhaps lacking a tip) to the accompanying British officers and civil servants. I do not know the outcome of this transaction!
  14. I like the attitude of some of the banks etc - "We'll pay you for Business Class, and for what a 3* hotel + food costs for the appropriate number of nights. How you actually get there and where you sleep is up to you."

    Can't see the MOD being that enlightened though.