SAS Equipment

I am looking for REAL SAS equipment. Berets, cap badges, posters, etc. If anyone has these items and would like to sell them, please send me a private message.

Thank you.
I've got ans old airline ticket from SAS airlines. If you want me to dig it out I will it cost me £120 so you can have it for £50 bargain
mollzers said:
Depends what your after! could get you a few spoons from the cookhouse if you like!!!!!!!!
won't you get into trouble for that chef?? :oops:
Can. Of. Worms.
Significant that his name's Phil, perhaps :twisted:
I'd like some SAS stuff too. Actually there is no point. I'd only go and Iron/starch crispy creases all over it and attack anything that doesn't shine with brasso. Ah well. Mind you those windproof smock things do look a bit snug. Never been able to get my hands on one for free and am too tight to fork out my cash on work clothes.

Question is what do you want it for. Do you want to pretend you are in the SAS? Do you want to flog it and make vast profits from blokes who want to pretend they are in the SAS?

Can you knit because my grandma has a patern for balaclavas somewhere... They even have bobbles on top.

Just asking.
Laird X

Phil is I believe an American military collector and a US Forces veteran. Therefore I hardly think he wants it to "Walt"

Phil, it might be better, if you explained who you were? I don't think you'll get any of our members PM'ming you without a bit more information.


Fair enough PTP. When I'm in the wrong I'll admit it. I confess I suspected that Phil was that strange Ragyman bloke using a different log in.

Phil. I apologise for being a cnut.
SAS posters? are they an issue item? :? :wink:
Wow, sorry guys. I didn't mean to cause such a stir.

My name is Phil (Phillip to be exact). I am currenty a police officer in California (Tracy-Paul on this board knows that). I was a US Marine, for 4 years on active duty, with the 2nd Battlion, 6th Marines, and 8 years in the reserves (your TA). Just a regular grunt, no special forces, notta, nothing. I did spend 11 months in Beruit, in 1983, with the Peace Keeping Forces there.

As another said, yes I am an avid military collector. I happen to find just about anything British fascinating and have gone to the UK a total of 7 times. I've visited all countries there and I also have a fascination with the war in NI. Just about every book on NI, I can find, I've read, etc.

Having said all of that, yes, I do collect certain items of the SAS. I don't want it to be a "poser," etc. It was merely for a personal collection, as others collect stamps, coins, etc.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion.
Phil306 said:
I also have a fascination with the war in NI. Just about every book on NI, I can find, I've read, etc.
Phil, just to help you out - it isn't and wasn't a war, oh no... it's a 'policing action'.


Hope that helps :D
Yeah, I've heard that somewhere before..."Policing action." Sounds alot like Vietnam...

I shall assume by your screen name your a police officer in Manchester?
Phil, come and share some of your kit on the Military Collectors Network @ No Walts, just guys who are interested and collect to differant areas of military interest from all parts of the world.

Thank you. I just registered. Hopefully, the admin there will get to my request soon and I will do some trading, etc. Thank you again :)


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