SAS commander says MoD has blood on its hands over Snatch

From todays Telegraph:

Major Sebastian Morley, the SAS commander who resigned over "unsafe" Snatch Land Rovers in Afghanistan, has accused the Government of having "blood on its hands".
Speaking for the first time since he stepped down, Major Morley says the Ministry of Defence was being "cavalier at best, criminal at worst".
He also accuses Quentin Davies, the minister for defence equipment and support, of telling an "unacceptable lie" after the deaths of four of his soldiers.
Major Morley, 40, says his warnings over the Snatch Land Rover were repeatedly ignored. He resigned after four soldiers were killed when their Snatch vehicle hit an anti-tank mine in Helmand province in June.
Among the casualties was Cpl Sarah Bryant, the first female soldier to die in Afghanistan.
Over the past four years 37 servicemen and women have been killed in the vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Major Morley says: "I had to resign. I had warned them (the MoD) time and time again that there were going to be needless deaths if we were not given the right equipment, and they ignored this advice.

"There is blood on their hands."

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He was not the first, nor will he be the last, to condemn the use of SNATCH on TELIC and HERRICK. Mr MORLEY should have stayed on. He is obviously a capable and caring officer, who seems to have thrown his teddies out the pram (which I totally understand), when really he should have carried on with 21 and also continued to hi-light the ongoing misuse of a wholly inappropriate vehicle in high intensity operational environments.
Forgive my ignorance, but is the man 'Quentin Davies' referred to, a 'turn-coat' from the Tory Party?

How can a person, elected into our Parliament (for that is worth nowadays as in fact Brussels rules us) under one banner, start 'batting' for the other side in the same Parliament?

Can anyone imagine, Montgomery transferring to the Nazis; Wellington turning to the French; 'Bill' Slim swearing allegiance to the Emperor of Japan?

OK, I know someone will say: 'Churchill changed sides', so he did, but look at the circumstances; Churchill's circumstances and compare them with the opportunistic, slimy, 'chancing' of the man Davies - if I am right about who he is.

My view is, if you want to change sides in politics, submit yourself to the votes of your constituents - what a c*nt he must be! (Yes, I know about the 'oik' Woodward too. How long will that tw*t stay in post if it kicks-off in Ulster again?)
Quentin Davies is indeed a piece of shite that emanated from the Tories who in response to the Major's initial resignation in October advised on Radio 4 PM Programme that the use of the Snatch was a "preference of the commanders in Afghanistan", completely missing the point that the vehicle that was issued to Sarah Bryant and her colleagues and in which they were killed was not "a matter of choice" but the only vehicle available at the time. He further tried to advise that the Snatch was perfectly adequate for conducting patrols and was often the preferred choice of vehicle for such missions.

The opposition asked for Davies to resign as a Junior minister, but as is all too common amongst this slime that calls itself a government, he still managed to remain in post.


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Generalissimo said:

I thought he did this a few months ago?

So? If it's keeping them on their feet who cares if he did it everyday?