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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Ash_Plant, May 26, 2013.

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  1. Can't find a pic to post but have a look at page 5 of today's Sunday Telegraph. RM No 2 dress jacket, blue shirt and tie, RM No 1 dress hat, RM collar dogs with SAS winged dagger just below, aviation Sqn badge on left arm, 2002 Jubilee medal ribbon after his LS&GC ribbon, and then some more ribbons after that.
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  2. Oh I'll dash to the newsagents. Hang on a tic....
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  3. Its a cracker aint it.

    I was reading the article it is attached to " Flowers that say we wont give in to hate " and wondering at what the Sunday Telegraph was coming to. From start to finish a load of pathetic flummery designed to reinforce the British sense of stoicism and ' don't worry - it will be all right sort of crap.

    And then from amongst the myriad bouquets I spotted something not quite right.
    My tired old eyes first made me think " what is a USAF Colonel doing there ? "
    Two blinks later and the mish mash of RM, SAS, RAF badges and uniform parts scored first good laugh of the day.

    Poor observation and pathetic reporting Mr Patrick Sawyer.

  4. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1369571837.659136.jpg

    Is this the chap to whom you refer?
  5. That's BravoBravo.
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  6. Don't these fools realise that today everyone carries a camera? To answer my own question obviously not.
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  7. Are you suggesting there is something non-kosher about him?

    Edited to add that I enjoyed the irony of the nauseating mandated adverts that obscure every page that appeared today on this particular thread was the one for "increasing your chances of a Knighthood by using some kind of 'bluff your way to honours' service".
  8. Don't cheer him, he doesn't need encouragement.
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  9. When his arms are straight the sleeves of his jacket look as though they would end several inches below his fingers. It seems to fit only where it touches. Surely these idiots must at least have some inkling how ridiculous they appear?
  10. What medals has he awarded himself? And is that a sheriffs badge on his right breast?

    Anyway, he is legit, I served with him in 49 RM SAS Squadron "The Dambusters". Top bloke.
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  11. So more a Marine than SAS and more a Marine than a Captain since I can't see any pips or chevrons.
  12. Little baby Jeezus. That is just awesome.

    What a fecking hedge baby.
  13. YOU can't handle the truth!
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  14. It's tightly gripped jaw, barely holding back the anger and pain he feels, that gets me. Any second the grief will overcome him and he will throw his head back in an animalistic roar before stalking off into the shadows to hunt down terrorist scum...or he'll go back to his bedsit and count down the days to Remembrance Day..
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  15. Wouldn't it be ironic if some random lunatic... no, best not go there.
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