SAS Bravo patrols in Gulf War 1

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by REMEbrat, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. Does anybody know where I could find out what the missions were of the various Bravo patrols sent out by the SAS in Gulf war 1?
    I know from reading The Real Bravo Two Zero that Bravo One Niner were compromised but thanks to opting to take vehicles escaped and Bravo Three Zero aborted immediately on seeing the terrain they would be operating in. I have no idea what they would have done and whether any of the other missions encountered problems or went ok.
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  5. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    There is a new book, 'Zero Six Bravo' due out soon. Watch this site for reviews of it.

    It is about one of the patrols you mentioned.
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  6. Will these people never tire of publishing bullshit books about bullshit Ops in bullshit lands. Every time i nearly finish my book on what realy happened some tosser steals my plot and publishes before i get a chance grrrrrrr
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  7. Soldier 5 was written by another member of Bravo two zero. The Real Bravo two zero is also a good read. Its written by a bloke who went round the same route in Iraq McNab says they went a few years later. Storm Command (book) also refers to Gulf operations by the SAS, and Peter DLB also mentions gulf operations. Apologies for not including authors names or using google to find out
  8. Soldier 5 is written by Mick R - A top bloke and the truth, or why would the MOD try to ban it
    The real Bravo Two Zero - is written by a guy who says he was Para Regt/SAS; he was in fact TA SAS, a slight omission on his part so i wouldn’t take what he writes with too much confidence.
    Storm Command - Written by DLB (or as B Sqn refer to him 'Dangerous Lying Bastard) which doesn’t go into that much detail really.
  9. Eye of the storm by Peter Ratcliffe (He was the RSM at the time) is a good read and a different perspective to what went on. In it im sure he mentions the main effort of the patrols was to locate scud launchers. This was to stop them firing at the invasion force, but also at Israel in an effort by Saddam to force their hand into attacking and thus igniting the middle east against them.

    He also talks about his relieving of OC A Sqn as they were messing about. There is also a lot of interesting tid bits, i particularly remember how the squadron he took command of raised concerns over him not using the cam nets over their locations when they holed up during the day. His response was that it was not needed as allies had air superiority, he was proven right a few days later when another patrol was bombed (by a US marine pilot i think?) because they were a suspected scud site due to their using cam nets.
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  10. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    The real Bravo two zero was written by Mike Asher, he was a friend of Vince Phillips, one of the SAS men who died on that patrol. He got permission to retrace the steps of the patrol ten years after the war. what he found out was very interesting. firstly, Mcnab writes that they were compromised by Iraqi soldiers and in the ensuing firefight, they killed about a dozen Iraqis. They were discovered by a farmer, his 70 year old father and his teenage son. The firefight never happened. Later in Mcnabs story they commandeered a taxi, an old American yellow cab. In Iraq, Yellow is an unlucky colour. Mike Asher knew he had found the right taxi because the taxi driver knew Mcnab's real christian name.
  11. So does the rest of the world Steve .
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  12. You could ask Andy McNab & Chris Ryan?
    Quiet a few blokes know them well if you ask in any Hereford pub.
    In fact a few know even more about Bravo Two Zero than McNab & Ryan do!!!;-)