SAS Book of Rememberence - Stolen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Master-Sniper, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. What a World !!

    The Book of Rememberence for the Special Air Service has been stolen from St Martins Church, Hereford.

    I'd apply a link but it won't let Me
  2. Not much to go, there must be more somewhere. I'm sure somebody will find something and the SAS will find who stole it and deal with it. I bet they'd prefer the severe ticking off the police would give them.
  3. Cheers MisterSoft

    Mike Colton Chairman of the Special Forces Assocoation is righly fuming. They're worried it may appear on Ebay ! Only if the thief has a death wish
  4. Words fail.

    If it's the simple notebook from the window sill then it's only link between the famillies and the fallen.

    A more thought provoking and deeply moving book I have yet to read.

    Not on, not on at all!
  5. "If it's the simple notebook from the window sill then it's only link between the famillies and the fallen." - Archer

    I'm afraid it is that book.
  6. More likely that it is in someone's private collection. Thing is if the culprit(s) can't shift it they may end up destroying it out of fear. I know I'd be scared.
  7. On Sunday 9th. November 2003 we paraded with 6 members at the Remembrance Service in St. Peters Square, Hereford. Our Association was duly called out and Pete Scholey and Mike Colton laid a tribute on behalf of the Association.

    This wreath along with an SAS tribute was later stolen! On Tuesday 18th. November Mike Colton discovered that the tributes had been strewn all over the Cenotaph with no one being responsible for their protection. They were not wired up together and youths had been seen using them as frisbees! Such is the state of society today.

    It seems that scumbags are a part of society and a part we could do without.
  8. hopefully the scumbag is stupid enough to try and flogg it on ebay.
    and can then spend the rest of his life in fear :twisted:
    if I was the judge it would be," I don't think prison is apporpiate sentnace in this case.
    bailiff lock the public gallery.
    here's a new pair of nikes and a false passport you get a 10 minute headstart :twisted:
  9. There are some seriously sick puppies out there. Whether it was a collector, a thieving walt of some chave who saw an oppotunity to make a fast buck, they should have put their brain in gear before carrying out their theft.

    They have probably p1ssed off the one single bunch of people who have the ways and means to do something about it and make it look like an accident.

    If I knew who did it I'd shop them. But I'd hope they had the sense to put it back where they found it at the soonest opportunity.
  10. For those who haven't seen it, all it contains are the

    "Daddy we miss you"
    "Passing through son and stopped to say hello" sort of comments.

    There are no operational details, no full names, nothing but the
    tremendously personal and poignant words of those who grieve.

    May it be returned intact and soon.
  11. I can't even begin to imagine why someone would do this. :evil: Rightly, such books are handled with reverence by most and I echo the comments that anyone involved in the theft and / or subsequent handling of this book should be quaking in their boots for the remainder of their lifetime.
  12. maybe next time have a covert SAS guard on it as soon as the kids messes about with the wreaths grab them and either A) put them in stocks in front of the Cenotaph with a ready supply of rotten fruits and p1ss stained old peoples clothes B) capture them and take them to the local woods and given a very severe beating and given an **** probe by a locally hired homosexual
  13. But it would infringe their human rights but if you can get tickets, put me down for two, not front row though as the p1ss does tend to spray a bit.
  14. What I don't understand is why this theft has only been reported by The Sun and The Record, the Broad Sheets who are normally very pro have ignored the story.

    Oh put Me down for two tickets too. Fcuk the fruit and veg We're bringing ala koran - Housebricks