SAS, Bisto and a 66mm LAW - AQ murderers get theirs.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Top secret report reveals how Al Qaeda executioners were captured by ingenious SAS... using Bisto granules | Mail Online

    The story of how two murdering scum were finally brought heal by the SAS. Also a bit of flag waving exercise for the British...

    Loved this bit.

    I assume the dogs are trained to seek and pin down cnuts...
  2. Why were they carrying Alsatian dogs?
  3. Fido is basically a 4 legged grenade. It's also good entertainment. There's nothing quite like some scumbag being ripped a new arse by a large angry dog.
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  4. I see. Nice to see the old Equality and Diversity Training is finally taking hold.

  5. Because it's better to send a dog into a dangerous situation first?
  6. Cancel my last. I should have read it more thoroughly. Alsatians can't abseil. They have not been trained. I feel most strongly that they should not be denied the opportunity though. Is the modern Army doggist?
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  7. Ah, the Damien Lewis School of Military Journalism, makes you proud to be British.
  8. [​IMG]

    The Bisto Kids strike again!
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  9. At 07:07H Veganlass wanted to to know who considered the dogs' rights in this.

    Isn't that nice?
  10. Veganlass could always volunteer to take Fidos place.
    I doubt she'd find the tin of Chum for breakfast compatible with her dietry requirements though.
  11. They love it, they get a big squeaky toy if they get it right...
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  12. The elite Skins used to black up using gravy browning when we had a "funny foreigners" (e.g. Sumo wrestlers) night in the mess a long time back!
  13. Jesus - even Ben Hur isn't immune to budget cuts.
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  14. And throwing some dogs at muslim extremists is almost as funny as throwing in pork chops...........