SAS bid to free kidnapped Brits

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Brew_Time, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. 'SAS bid to free kidnapped Britons'

    The desperate rescue effort to secure the release of five British tourists kidnapped in Ethiopia continues amid reports that the SAS has been sent on a daring raid.

    Diplomats are working frantically in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and remote towns in the Afar Desert where the group was last seen.

    Foreign Office minister Geoff Hoon said every effort was being made to ensure their safe return.

    The Daily Mirror reports an elite squadron of 60 crack SAS troops flew to the neighbouring country of Djibouti close to the Ethiopian desert where gunmen seized embassy staff and relatives on a sightseeing trip four days ago.

    The newspaper says the unit are members of the SAS's Standby Squadron, troops set up to respond to crises around the world at a moment's notice.

    A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "We would not comment on special forces involvement."

    A team of 10 experts, known as a rapid deployment team, flew in to Ethiopia on Sunday to join the operation.

    Eritrea dismissed claims that its soldiers snatched the westerners in the Afar Desert region of Ethiopia and marched them to a military camp.

    Information Minister Ali Abdu said the claims, made by senior Ethiopian officials, were fabricated to make Eritrea look bad.

    The Foreign Office said it is in contact with senior members of both the Ethiopian and Eritrean Governments.

    BT. :thumright:
  2. I thought I heard that on the beeb this morning. I know the source is the Mirror but is it normal to go in so mob handed?
  3. We'll send the guys to that Kentucky range to grab a few weapons eh.

  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Which basically means that the Mirror can make up whatever sh1t it likes and no-one will contradict them.
  5. Red Top rubbish, 60? I think not
  6. Somehow I didn't think so and it seems the beeb will now report anything and from any source.
  7. I thought 60 was a bit much - thats a Squadron eh. More like 16, but thats the Media and Mirror for you - full of sh!te.

    BT. :frustrated:
  8. I wonder if any of the 60 got the SCUM payrise.
  9. Why anyone bothers to read the tabloids is beyond me. The most accurate content in these rags will be found in the horoscopes.
  10. I can feel yet another spoof coming on though I might need some help with the names.

    36 'Dusty's', 22 'Knocker's' and 1 Arbuthnot might get confusing.

    Sorry I forgot Kylie.
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You also forgot Stan and Lofty: they're always there...
  12. We may have 60 on stand by to go but can only afford to fly 4 out and then by private carrier.

    Did you pack your own bag sir?
    Is this MP5 yours?
  13. [quote="cpunk]You also forgot Stan and Lofty: they're always there...[/quote]

    I can feel yet another spoof coming on though I might need some help with the names.

    35 'Dusty's', 21 'Knocker's' and 1 Arbuthnot might get confusing.

    Sorry I forgot Kylie, Stan and Lofty.
  14. Don't forget the following standard SAS trooper nicknames:

    Fijian Bob
    Windy (sorry, it's those sausage and bean rat-packs)
    "Nick" (all McNab's and Ryan's heroes are called Nick)
    Trooper K (shurely shome mishtake?)

    These days, to show how up to date the average novelist is, there will also be a cheeky Gurkha chappie called Raju - straight out of the Nepalese Broadcasting Corporation's Central Casting.

    As for 60 pax...someone at the Sun has been reading the "My Boy's Book of the British Army" before engaging word-processor.
  15. Almost forgot them. Strangely and coincidentally all called 'Darren'.