SAS - Are You Walt Enough?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SausageDog, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Inspired by 'headgear' posting another TV concept today, I've devised one of my own.

    SAS - Are You Walt Enough? is my new show, where basically we get potential Walter Mitty types to apply, and if selected ( we could call this process 'selection' which will no doubt appeal ) they get blindfolded and led into an Army surplus warehouse where they have 30 minutes to fill a trolley with enough uniform, medals, airsoft guns and folding shovels to create their new Walt persona!

    They then have to go away, discretely filmed by hidden cameras around their homes, as well as a camera crew tagging along from time to time, and over a 3 month period, we track the progress of the alter-egos and how well they pull off their chosen fantasy.

    The winner wil be the person receiving the most admiration, attention from the believing public, and will win a day airsofting with celebrity Walts and an ex MoD Landie complete with camo paint job!

    Can anyone else add to this concept?
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  2. It sounds shite, shoot yourself in the eye with your airsoft gat.
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  3. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    This bit intrigues me.
  4. Too flashy.

    Do it as a documentary, three or four walts, complete with 1000-yd stares and well-honed sobbing about Ginge or Smudge expiring in their arms in 'the Ghan', film them fly-on-the-wall style as they float their stories to shag silly cows whilst fleecing them of their life savings, impress other barflies and dregs, and generally live out their wretched lives. No 'winner' as such but I suppose the last one to be convicted of embezzlement or chased out of town by a mob of Sun readers could be handed the laurels.
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  5. I will, I just need to get some marker pen off it first. Any suggestion?
  6. Cue lots of princess productions comments and like swapping.
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  7. I like the idea of an Arrse Walt - Off.

    Users open a new account and pretend to be an ex-blade / shakey boat / pathfinder and the rest of Arrse get one question each in an attempt to out them.

    Then again I'm bored to fucking tears today so would find reading barcodes interesting.
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  8. Well that's one TV show that won't be being made anytime soon then. :-(
  9. do you think they had walts around the time of Napoleon?

    Some farmhand sat in the 'Ship and Shovel' telling all and sundry about the time he served under Major Sharpe and how they defeated the French all by themselves?
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  10. That actually happened. I was having a beer in that very same pub with Pararegtom and he said much the same to me.
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  11. Earlier yet, the Bard affirmeth it:

    Wm. Shakespeare, Henry V, Act III Scene vi.
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  12. Shakey boat ? Its squeaky boat you Bootie walt !
  13. Try reading some of your posts then. :winkrazz:
  14. Actually it's shaky but I'm a spelling walt.

    Squeaky? Don't think so, I'd stick to wiping punters sick off the backseat of your Toyota fella.
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  15. There used to be a comedy series called Game On back in the 90s, about 3 flatmates. One of them was an obnoxious bloke who walted as a Royal Marine. He ordered a shit load of combat gear, cam netting, webbing etc, and set up an OP just inside his front door, spying on the hallway of the apartment block. The thing was he was also agrophobic, and could not cope outdoors. how he would have fared on Woodbury Common or Dartmoor baffles me.