SAS apology after Iraq raid fiasco

I've been wading through the web links on the nottingham hippy site, I've posted a couple of links to similar shite holes, but in the process I came across this story. I haven't seen any papers today and the new's that I've seen on TV hasn't mentioned anything wondered if anyone knew if it's a duff story or not ?.

"Tom Newton Dunn in Majar Al Kabir, The Mirror, September 3, 2003
Army chiefs were forced to issue a humiliating apology after SAS soldiers beat 11 innocent Iraqi civilians in a bungled raid.

The troopers - who waded in with stun grenades, kicking and hitting with boots and rifle butts - wrongly thought they were netting suspects involved in the execution in June of six Royal Military policemen. They could be thrown out of the army.

One victim said he lost consciousness after a soldier stamped on his face. Another's shoulder was dislocated. A woman was hit in the back of her head.

As fury raged in the town of Majar al Kabir 120 miles north of Basra, the Army tried to defuse the storm by writing an unprecedented open letter of apology."

Read the rest of the article here and leave a comment
ooopps sorry didn't see that one oh well another post closer to the 50 :)
you're not the only one to have done that!
medals never get you enough tea! :lol:
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